Kik has become ‘the defacto app’ for child predators, reports say


Kik is a popular Messaging app which is quite popular amongst the teenagers, has some serious issues with the teenagers. As per a new video report, the messaging app has become the defacto app for child predators. Since the app is widely popular over the globe, it’s become a great and user friendly platform to patch up with new people around the world. The app doesn’t require you to enter your phone number of any other details while signing up, you can easily get started with this app and can get your first step into the world of new people of dating and meeting.

According to the latest investigation by Point and Forbes, Kik Messenger has over 300 Million users from which 40% of them are from US teenagers. This is really a very big number and for the massive usage of this app, it puts down many teenagers to conduct crimes and various illegal acts. Adding more, the app doesn’t even remove the accounts of the accused or convicted which is also a major problem.

Just to conduct a survey and as a part of this report, two people have made a Fake Account on Kik Messenger of a 14 years old girl with an unknown profile picture. They claim that they have received hundreds of messages from older men from various accounts. Some of them starts sexual chats who are in their forties. Most of the Kik users are looking for a new date and new members to join in and they all are asking for sex at the first chat.


Since the Sign up process for this Messaging app is very easy, anyone can easily prepare a new account and can started using this app. During the Sign up process, user needs to enter a proper username along with an email ID and that’s what all it requires to use this app. You don’t need to enter your personal details such as phone number of any other details. This is how thousands of people are using this platform to assault teenagers girls around the US.

There have been a number of cases filed and reported about this app for such cases by the teenagers and eventually it leads to the crime.

McGregor said the following: “Kik told us that it doesn’t proactively remove accounts of people that have been charged with an offence, because that assumes guilt, which is right. But it did admit that it will do a better job of removing profiles of convicted pedophiles.” He added: “I can’t think of any reason, other than incompetence, for why profiles of convicted offenders hadn’t been removed.”


In order to prevent teenagers from getting into such situations, the makers of this app holds regular seminars and other videos to guide users about using the app with a perfect way. So we can say that the app really needs to use just as a Messaging app and not for the personal benefits of an individuals. There are a number of such messaging apps available in the market and you can head over to other applications to chat with your real friends and love ones.

You can check out the video posted by Point from here :

Kik has become ‘the defacto app’ for child predators, reports say
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