Monument Valley 2 for Android Release Date and Other Latest Rumours


Monument Valley was one of the most exciting Puzzle games with stunning visual effects and more. It’s been a long time since we hear an update from the developers of the game for Android platform. If you are eager to know more about the latest version of the game, Monument Valley 2 for Android has been confirmed and will be available for purchase very soon for Android smartphones. So, the game is going to hit the Android world as well, making it no more exclusive game for iOS users. 

Earlier this year, Monument Valley 2 was released exclusively for iOS users on iTunes and AppStore. Since then, all the Android users have been waiting for this game to come on the Play Store so that they too can start exploring a new world of Puzzle on their respective Android smartphones. Well, you don’t have to wait for so long by now, as the Monument Valley 2 game is up for pre-registration on PlayStore. Yes, you heard that right. You can now register for this game by tapping on to the Pre-register button. Once you register yourself, you will see a message on the display saying, you will be notified once the game is launched for public on Play Store.

Sadly, there is no any information regarding the official launch date of this game. However, some reports suggest that, the Monument Valley 2 game would be available from the end of this month for public.

The sequel to the popular Monument Valley game offers the same eye catchy art style and physics to make the most of your gaming time. This edition of the Monument Valley 2 game offers a variety of features which was not available in the first version of this game. The game offer more landscapes, different locations and unique puzzles to solve as a part of the gameplay.

The game includes new levels which you need to be completed in order to move ahead with the gameplay. Here, you will be interacting with two characters at the same time by going through various levels in the game.

If you are more curious and eager to start playing this game as soon as possible, there’s a Pre-registration option available for you. You can pre-register yourself to the game so that you will receive a notification to download this game when it is finally available on the Play Store.

Monument Valley 2 has already created a huge buzz around the technology world by making its entry on Play Store for millions of exciting gamers who use Android smartphones. Before moving any further, we request you to kindly follow a list of its features which we have compiled here. Just follow this list from where you can get more information on the gameplay and its functionality.

Features of Monument Valley 2 for Android

  • Simple yet an interesting gameplay designed for everyone
  • Explore a whole new eye catchy environment through magical architecture
  • A number of delightful puzzles to solve as a part of the gameplay
  • Interactive gameplay allows you to interact with two characters while going through monuments
  • Different locations to be explored with unique landscapes
  • An eye catchy graphical interface throughout the gameplay
  • Learn secrets by completing each level of the game
  • Serve a whole new and unique gameplay than the previous edition
  • Interactive audiotracks to keep your interest alive

These are all the exciting features packed inside this adorable Puzzle game, Monument Valley 2. The game will soon be available for Android platform as it is already up for the pre-registration.

Just to make you all more exciting, they have even released a trailer of this game featuring the adorable environment which you are going to explore on your Android smartphone with stunning visual effects and interactive locations everywhere.

Currently, there is no any information on what would be the actual price tag of this game, however, Monument Valley 2 is available on iOS for $4.99. So, it would carry the same price tag for Android smartphones as well. The official confirmation regarding the price tag for this game is yet to be revealed by the publishers of this game.

If you want to register yourself for this game to purchase and start playing it on a respective Android as soon as possible, just follow below given official Play Store link now.

Register yourself for Monument Valley 2

Once you open the above link on your Android device, you would see a Pre-Register button there. Since you are already logged in with your Google account, you will be registered for this game automatically.

This is what you might need to know about the upcoming and much awaited Puzzle game for your Android smartphone, Monument Valley 2. Just wait for a couple of more weeks and you would be able to get a hands-on of this game right from your Android smartphone.

What’s your thoughts on this? Did you play the first version of this game? If yes, then do share your thoughts and opinions in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask or have any queries, don’t forget to let us know. For any feedbacks, make use of the comments section given below this post. Stay tuned with us for more useful updates on latest games, apps, and more of the technology world.

Monument Valley 2 for Android Release Date and Other Latest Rumours
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