How much is Netflix – Plans and Subscription Price


Netflix is known as world’s best online streamer which streams videos, movies, TV Shows, TV Channels and what not! It’s a complete entertainment package not only for you but for entire family. Anyone can watch anything within the subscription of Netflix. Currently, Netflix offering free one month subscription for new users. However, there are some people who want to know the latest plans and subscription price of Netflix. Here we have enlisted plans and Subscription price of Netflix to know better of it. Keep on reading!


Currently, Netflix has three different plans for different users and their needs with basic, standard and premium. The plan starts with $8 and plan by plan it increases with $2. With basic plan, you are allowed to run 1 screen with SD resolution. With standard plan, you can run 2 screens with HD resolution. And for the premium plan, you can run 4 screen with Full HD and Ultra HD resolution.

People who are fond of watching different types of Hollywood movies, Netflix offers a couple of affordable prices for them as well. There are two different plans available for such people, DVD Plan and Blue-Ray plan. The plans are depends upon the disc which you are running. Different disks costs differently and hence the price!

1 Disk DVD Plan costs $10 while the Blu-Ray plan costs 10.

2 Disk DVD Plan costs $12 while the Blu-Ray plan costs $15.

3 Disk DVD Plan costs $16 while the Blue-Ray plan costs $20.

So folks, these were all the current Netflix plans that you could choose if your free subscription for one month is over. There are different plans available for all kinds of people out there. May you make better choice out of the list!

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How much is Netflix – Plans and Subscription Price
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