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Nothing can stand in between you and your favourite music with a popular Music app, Music Paradise Pro. The app is also knwon as the the best music downloader app which is not just an app, but your personal music search engine. Yes, Music Paradise Pro is just like any other search engine. The only difference is it is made for the music freaks. If you love listening to different types of music, and looking for a way to find them out, Music Paradise Pro is here. The app is not available on any official app store, however you can still download Music Paradise Pro APK file and can install it manually to your Android. More details about the app and its installation tutorial is given here. Keep on reading! 

Music Paradise Pro APK 1

Unlike all other apps, Music Paradise Pro works instantly and it doesn’t ask you for anything. Music Paradise Pro app works on a WiFi connection or any other 3G network. The app is a light weighted one which works smoothly on any other Android smartphone. Music Paradise Pro is one of your personal music teacher, it teaches you to download and create your own kind of music within the app. The powerful search engine is there to get you the best required results at your side. It’s amazing and you can download it for free with its APK file. Since the app is not officially available, you can download and install this app with its APK file.

Music Paradise Pro APK 2

Furthermore, there are people who have been asking a lot of questions regarding the legalisation of the Music Paradise Pro application. Just to make their all doubts clear, we have compiled a list of all the frequently asked questions here. Just follow the list of all the FAQs that might arise in your mind to fulfil all of your queries. Here’s the list!

Since you are using an Android smartphone, you can download and install any of your favourite Android app or game. Of course, there are hundreds of such Music apps available, however this Music Paradise Pro has its own power to stand at the first position. The app was available as a premium version. You can download Music Paradise Pro APK file from here and can install it manually to your device from here. Before moving further, we request you to kindly follow a list of its features first. We have prepared a list of all the advance features of Music Paradise Pro app here, just take a look and know more about this app from here!

Features of Music Paradise Pro for Android

  • Simple app works smoothly on any Android smartphone or tablet
  • User can easily search for any music he wants
  • Download a copyleft music from the store instantly
  • User can edit and cut the song right within the app
  • Create any of your favourite songs ringtone in moments
  • User can preview the song before start downloading it
  • Use powerful built-in music player within the app
  • The app can easily connect to the Wi-Fi and other functions in just a few taps
  • Predictive search offers easy typing when you are searching for a music
  • Multiple downloads available in the background of the app
  • Refresh option to search for the library
  • Multiple download modes available to download any music hassle free
  • User can search and listen to the song right within the app before downloading it
  • It creates an MP3 music app of your favourite songs to listen to them anytime you want
  • User can also view the lyrics of the app
  • The app requires a good high speed Internet connection to make it work and much more

So folks, these were all the extraordinary features packed inside this amazingly popular Music search engine app, Music Paradise Pro. The app has got everything to get you the best of music and it doesn’t ask you to pay anything. All it requires is a high speed Internet connection and that’s it. If you are a music freak, then this Music Paradise Pro is the app you should install on a respective Android right now. Just follow below given download button, start downloading an APK file from there.

Music Paradise Pro APK Download for Android


In order to download Music Paradise Pro APK file, all you need to do is just hit the above mentioned Download button once. Downloading process of Music Paradise Pro app will itself take place. It will take several minutes to complete the process. After a few minutes, an APK file of Music Paradise Pro app will be downloaded to your desktop. Once you get an APK file, kindly install it on a respective Android manually. If you don’t know about the process to install an APK file, just follow below given steps. We have prepared a detailed step by step installation tutorial which you can follow to install any APK file to an Android smartphone.

FAQs for Music Paradise Pro Application for Android :

1. What’s the procedure to Download Music Paradise Pro Application?

Music Paradise Pro application has been removed from the official Play Store’s page. You can not find it officially, however you can download this application’s full version from here. We’ve listed it everything here in the report. Just download it from the following Download button given there.

2. Is this premium music application legal for everyone?

Yes, Music Paradise Pro application is absolutely legal and you can install it to any Android device by downloading its APK file. We’ve listed down the steps to install the application to your Android smartphone and tablet.

3. Will this application be free for forever?

Music Paradise Pro application is available for free for now. The owners receive some donations from the people who download this application and for that reason, there is no any words to stop this app for the users.

4. Why I see No results found for every music that I search on the app?

You should reboot your device once when you get this error on the application. This way your system will refresh entirely and you will be allowed to search any music you want.

5. Network Error when I try to surf my favourite music. Why?

Sometimes, people get Network Error while surfing their favourite songs. This problem or bug has been fixed in the latest version of Music Paradise Pro application. Sometimes, many networks don’t allow users to surf such applications and that is why this error encountered. We have mentioned the latest version of the Music Paradise Pro app here which you can download for free. Download the latest version of Music Paradise Pro app and try to install it by following the step by step installation guidelines given below.

Note : Since Music Paradise Pro is a third party app, it requires you to turn the Unknown Sources option enabled. Kindly do it first. Go to Settings option and search for Unknown Sources option, turn it enable by switching the switch.

How to Install Music Paradise Pro APK on Android Smartphone?

Step 1 :

First, you need to download a proper and working APK file of Music Paradise Pro app for a respective Android smartphone.

Step 2 :

Do follow above given Download button once, downloading process will itself take place and soon the APK file of Music Paradise Pro app will be downloaded to your desktop.


Step 3 :

Once you get the APK file, do transfer it to your Android. You can use a proper USB data cable or can connect the device with the Bluetooth connection.

Step 4 :

Once the file gets transferred, disconnect the device.

Step 5 :

Now, go to Apps menu and launch File Manager app.

Note : If you don’t want to do all this, just open the above Download button’s link directly on your phone and you will be allowed to download Music Paradise Pro APK file directly to your Android smartphone. By doing so, you will not be asked to transfer the file to your device. The APK file will be downloaded to your Android smartphone instantly.

Step 6 :

Tap on Search option and search for an APK file of Music Paradise Pro app.

Step 7 :

Tap on the APK file of Music Paradise Pro app, and you will be asked to fulfil a few more instructions before installing it on the phone. Select Next buttons and then you will be asked to install it to a respective Android. Kindly select the Install button when asked.

music-paradise-pro-apk-8 music-paradise-pro-apk-5

Step 8 :

You will see that the Installation process has begun. It will take a few seconds to complete an entire process. You could see it like the image given below.


Step 9 : 

After a while, Music Paradise Pro APK file will be installed to your Android smartphone. You will be asked whether to launch the app or not. If you want to launch Music Paradise Pro app right away on an Android, just select Open button to launch the app. Or you can even launch the app by visiting the Gallery app of your device. Just go to Gallery app and select icon of Music Paradise Pro app from there.


Step 1o : 

Once the app is launched, you will see its homepage like the following image with a number of useful options.


Step 11 :

In order to search for your favourite music, just select the Search option and you will be allowed to search it right away.

Step 12 :

Type in what you want to search by using your Keyboard and then hit the Enter button from there.


Step 13 :

You will be presented a page will the suggestions to your query which is entered within the Search box. Kindly select a desired item from here.


Step 14 :

The select track will start streaming and you can start listening to it right away on your phone just like a music player app.


Step 15 :

In order to download the music, just search for it and select the Download button from there. Downloading process will itself take place and you could see it in the Download section. Just select Download section and you will see all the downloaded files here.


Music Paradise Pro APK file has been installed successfully to your Android. To start the app, just go to your Apps menu and tap on the icon of it. The app will be launched and you can start using it right away on a respective Android!

Conclusion : 

If you love music and want to explore a whole new world of Music, Music Paradise Pro is here for you. This amazing app has got a number of options to download and surf the music which is not copyrighted. You are free to create your own music playlist within this app. Music Paradise Pro is open for all and you can easily get it installed on a respective Android by following the above mentioned step by step tutorial.

What’s your thoughts? Have you ever used this application before? Do share your experiences with us. You can even share your thoughts and opinions in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have any queries or questions related to Music Paradise Pro app, you can ask us anytime. Just put your query in the comments section given below this post. We’d be happy to help you out with it.

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Music Paradise Pro APK Download for Android – Latest Version
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