“There was a problem parsing the package” Error Fix on Android


Android is no doubt the most popular smartphone operating system available in the market. Being an Open Source Platform, people love to use it as there are hundreds of different types of Android smartphones available starting from low range to extreme high range. You can afford an Android smartphone of your choice studded with all the extraordinary features. Android even allows its users to install additional apps with the APK files. Many of the users have come across an error, “There was a problem parsing the package” while installing a third party app with an APK file. If you too are getting the same error, bear with us a little more. We have a special solution to get rid of this error. Keep on reading! 


There is no any special reason why do Android users get such error. However, we can try a few solutions to resolve this error. The error is absolutely annoying as it will not allow its users to install any apps or games to their phones no matter whether they are third party apps or downloaded from the Google Play Store. For such reasons, we have to resolve this error first. We have tried a few tricks and enlisted all the solutions to fix “There was a problem parsing the package” Error on an Android smartphone or tablet. Before we move further, let’s see some basic reasons for this error.

Reasons for the Parse Error on Android devices

  • The downloaded APK file might be corrupted
  • The downloaded APK file is not downloaded properly or fully
  • Unknown Sources option from your Android might be disabled
  • The app might not be compatible for your current Android device

These could be the reasons behind this “There was a problem parsing the package” Error on Android smartphone or tablet. To fix this error on a respective Android smartphone or Tablet, you have to follow all of the following solutions given here. You are requested to follow the solutions wisely to get rid of this error instantly.

“There was a problem parsing the package” Error Fix on Android 

Solution 1 : Enable Unknown Sources option

Since we are trying to install a third party app with its APK file, it is mandatory to make Unknown Sources option enabled. By doing so, you will be allowed to install any third party application to your Android smartphone.

Most of the time, we download our much needed apps and games from the Google Play Store, an app store which comes as a default app store for all Android users. However, since all the other developers are working to develop Android compatible apps, we can test them out by using their respective APK files. You’d see an option “Allow installation of apps from unknown Sources”. To enable this option, just follow below points.

Open Apps menu and select Settings option

Scroll down the page and select Security option from there

Here you’d see Unknown Sources option with disabled button

Swipe the button and make it enabled

Once you are done, you will be ready to install all the third party apps and games directly to your respective Android devices without any errors.

Solution 2 : Make sure an APK file is not corrupted

Sometimes, people encountered this error just because of a corrupted APK file of a particular app or game. Make sure you have downloaded a proper full APK file of a particular app or game. If possible, you can re download it and try again back to your current Android smartphone. This is the way to resolve the parsing error.

Solution 3 : Make sure the App is compatible with your Android smartphone or tablet

Sometimes, we don’t know whether the downloaded app or game is compatible with our current Android smartphone. Some of the apps and games are only compatible with the latest Android smartphones and tablets running on the latest Android Operating Systems. So before proceeding further, we have to check the compatibility of a particular app or game.

Make sure to check if app is compatible with your Android version.

To check you Android OS version Go to : Settings >> About Phone >> System Information or Software information

Once you are confirmed with the version and the compatibility, you will be able to install this app easily on a respective Android smartphone or tablet device without any parsing error on the display.

Solution 4 : Repack the App

This is to ensure that your APK file is packed perfectly. Yes, if you are a developer and testing out your work with an APK file, you need to make sure that a package of your app or game is packed completely. It should be perfectly packed with all the useful files so that it can be installed properly without error.

Solution 5 : Try another Android device

If all of the above solutions don’t work with you to get rid of this parsing error, go ahead and grab your friend’s or relative’s smartphone and try to download and install that particular APK file on it. If the APK file successfully installs there, it means you don’t have a compatible APK file for your current Android device. You have to search for a compatible APK file which suits on your phone and the available Android Operating System.

So folks, these were all the proper solutions in order to fix “There was a problem parsing the package” Error on an Android smartphone or tablet devices. It is necessary to test out all of the above mentioned solutions one by one before applying anything else. If nothing works for you, you need to Reset your phone. Yes, resetting an Android solves most of the error problems of your device. However, it is not always recommended to do so. You will lose all the data of your phone if you Reset it. Kindly take proper steps to solve potential errors.

What’s your take on this? Do you have any other solutions to this error? If yes, don’t forget to share it with us. Kindly use the comments section given below this post. We’d be happy to interact with you regarding it. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed, stay tuned!

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“There was a problem parsing the package” Error Fix on Android
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