PUBG vs CS:GO – Which one is better?


If you are into gaming industry or love to test out and play different types of games, then you might have heard about two of the most popular action packed shooting games, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Today’s world has become more intelligent and hence they always search out enough before choosing the right game. If you are confused about which one to choose, then we will provide you some ideas and full comparison list to choose the right game. PUBG vs CS:GO is here for you. 

To be frank, there are multiple reviews on both the games from people who have tested them out on their respective gaming consoles. Of course, both the games are relatively good and offer great gaming environment with exciting features, weapons, characters and more. However, there are mixed reviews on the games which put everyone around the world confused on which one to choose if we have only one option from these two games? Well, as far as the game play is concerned, most of the people like to play the PUBG i.e. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. There are people who have owned both the games, and they have come up with their reviews and have chosen the PUBG over CS:GO.

Comparison between CS:GO and PUPG 

If you have been a gamer for a long time, then you would definitely going to like both the games, as they serve kind of different gameplay which is not comparable at all. Since the game serves different gameplays, you don’t have to choose between the right game. You can take your own decision to choose the right one. But as per the users’ reviews, they like PUBG more than the CS:GO and the reason is simple, PUBG has got more dramatical gameplay with a lot of additional features which you can try out while playing the game.

There are many bugs available in the CS:GO game if we talk about the official forums where people who have played this game put their reviews about the gameplay of both these games. If we talk about the PUBG game, then the game runs smoothly without any interruptions. You can play this game for hours without any error or issues with smooth gameplay which is the only reason why people like this game more over the actual CS:GO game.

Apart from all this information, you should know about the current generation and their demands. CS:GO is quite older game which was released in the year 2012 i.e. 5 years from now. The publishers and the developers of this game didn’t cared enough to fix the bugs and other issues of the users, however the new PUBG game has just released about 6 months ago. The game serves all the new environments with new technical features inside. This game has also some bugs, however since the game is just released, developers will come up with easy fixes for this game in the future. And one more thing, the game serves exciting gameplay than the original CS:GO game.

Additionally, PUBG updates regularly with new fixes, new modes, new weapons every month and more. So people are more curious to test out the new features, weapons and more of this new game. Instead, the CS:GO has nothing much to explore. The game is completely dead as there comes no any updates regarding its features, bugs and other issues and errors. Which is the only reason why people are loving the new PUBG game to spend their time with.

If we talk about the current gaming period, there are more number of users coming to play and test out the new PUBG game just because of the new environment and new gameplay with more features to explore the game on the gaming consoles. However, the CS:GO game is dead as there is no any updates available recently. People are always trying to get the new games to spend their time with, so if we compare these two games, then PUBG is undoubtedly the ultimate winner in the gaming industry.

CS:GO will definitely gain back its user database once they introduce a newer edition of this game. The game has already completed 5 years of its launch and people get bored by the same old age user interface which has nothing interesting at all. For the very same reason, more people get attracted towards the new PUBG game which has everything new to offer inside the gameplay with regular updates and more to explore every single month. If CS:GO brings new edition, then people will definitely go for that edition to see what’s actually new in the new edition.

On the other hands, there are people who still like to stick with the CS:GO game, as those people are using the same old PC system. PUBG is a new generation game and hence it requires good PC system to load the game well. So if you are a new PC user, then PUBG is the game to play and to choose between these two games. Otherwise, you can go with the old CS:GO game if you have an older PC system.

Furthermore, CS:GO game brings a lot of fun to the actual gameplay with different skins. Yes, you can choose and can purchase various CS:GO skins from plenty of different options to change the overall environment and gameplay. You can download the skins and can upgrade it within the game so you can change the gameplay and can add new weapons and more to the gameplay. On the other hand, PUBG game has also some additional PUBG items which you can buy. There are hundreds of items and keys available in the game which you can purchase from various stores for this particular game.


Talking about the current game scenario, PUBG is winning hearts from all over the world with the ultimate gameplay and new updates on a regular basis. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has set a new record for most-played non-Valve game on Steam and becomes the best online shooter game. In terms of sales, the game has crossed over 6 million mark and crossed 8.6 million YouTube views for the videos uploaded to their official YouTube Channels. This scenario makes the PUBG game the ultimate winner.

PUBG vs CS:GO – Which one is better?
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