The Ultimate PureVPN Review 2017 – Is it the Best VPN Service?


The Internet is getting better every day. We have new services, features and a lot of things that simplify our lives. Along with these, however, we have seen a dramatic growth of restrictions and surveillance — not to mention the privacy issues. As you know, some services are not available in certain geographical areas. And, there are the surveillance programs that keep an eye on you, every second. People are desperate to get out of these limitations and privacy issues, for Internet should offer complete freedom. This is a major reason why there’s an exponential growth in the demand for VPN Services.

VPN Services let you regain the perks of freedom, privacy and speed throughout your web experience. Unlike the old days, you don’t need to be a techie to have all the perks of VPNs. Most services have dedicated clients for each device. So, you just log in, select the server and stay connected, until you wish otherwise. That having said, you have to pick the right VPN for your needs — probably, one that offers security, privacy, speed and stability. In light of our experience, we would say PureVPN is one of such awesome choices.

Yeah, here, we are going to have an in-depth PureVPN Review. We will talk about every single major aspect of this service and how you can use it. For instance, we can go through the pricing, features, usability and our own opinion about some exclusive features. In the end, you can decide whether you really need PureVPN for your needs of Internet Freedom and Privacy.

Before We Begin — What’s a VPN?

As we said, VPN is a popular term nowadays. From security professionals to common fellows, VPN is attracting users from different social classes. The only similarity these people have is the need for Internet Freedom, Security or Privacy. Well, let’s get some technical stuff now.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network! That’s just the acronym-full-form combination, though. In practice, VPN is a way to connect to the Internet using another network in-between. That is, instead of sending the request to actual servers, it will be sent to the VPN Servers. These requests are then forwarded to the actual website. In the same way, the responses from the server is bought over to your device screen. We are describing all these in common language here, to be noted. So, in short, Virtual Private Networks work as a mediator between your computer and the Internet. So, if anyone manages to peak into the traffic coming from your computer, they will see a stream of encrypted content to the VPN Server — and nothing else.

Should I Use a VPN — and, Why?

VPN Services — to draw an example, PureVPN — are used for a variety of purposes, such as safety, restriction-surpassing, privacy enhancement and a lot.

On a bigger scale, most people use VPN Services for unblocking blocked content. As you may know, some companies make their web services available for people from certain geographical areas. We can take the case of HBO GO, for instance. This service is accessible from the fifty states of the United States only. If you try to open the service from Europe or any other country, you’ll get a disappointing message. Using a VPN, you can make the HBO GO server think that you are visiting from the US — because, your request will be forwarded through a US-based VPN Server. That is, you can access HBO GO service from any part of the world.

Next up, there are the perks of privacy and anti-surveillance. If you use one of the best VPN services like PureVPN, you do not have to worry much about the authorities watching you. As we said, what the authorities will see is a straight line of traffic into the VPN Server. Since this straight line is encrypted, they cannot access info from that. Meanwhile, you keep browsing content as you like. This is the same when you are using a public Wi-Fi Network. There may be people who are trying to steal information from Internet traffic and device. By using an effective VPN Service, you can prevent exposing the traffic data to those evil hands.

Apart from these, there are some minor yet impressive uses of VPN Services. If used in offices, this lets employees to use the network as if they are around. Similarly, you can download torrents quickly using particular VPN Servers. It all depends on the service you choose. And, PureVPN will be an awesome choice, we bet.

The Ultimate PureVPN Review – Is it the Best VPN Service?

PureVPN calls itself world’s fastest, most reliable and easy-to-use VPN Service. Don’t limit these words to self-promotion, because the customers of PureVPN will tell you the same. It’s a service that make the dreams of Internet Freedom, Online Privacy and Security possible. The commercial services of PureVPN were started in 2007, triggered by an experiment done at GZ Systems in Hong Kong. In the current industry, however, PureVPN has one of the largest user-base. To serve them in full swing, it’s equipped with 500 Servers that are spread in 141 countries across the globe. The company offers many plans for premium VPN Services. You can choose depending on what features and options you really need. PureVPN has gathered appreciation from many of the trusted sources such as Mashable, CNET and The New York Times. So, in short, it is a company that you can easily trust.


Now, since you have a clear idea about PureVPN as a company, we will move onto its services. In other words, we will see where PureVPN excels, where it lags and why it becomes one of the best VPN Tunnelling Services to take over the Web.

Plans & Pricing — Billing, Discounts and PureVPN Promo Codes!

Of course, being a premium service, you need to know the pricing and plans of PureVPN. We will have a quick look on the available plans and offered features. There are three plans you can choose.

  • Monthly Billing: In this Monthly Billing package, you have to pay $10.00 for the service. This package is billed monthly and is suitable for short-term users.
  • 6 Months Billing: Alternatively, you can pay the whole amount for 6 months upfront. Here, you can save 10% and pay just $9.00 per month. As you can guess, this package will be billed biannually. PureVPN
  • 2 Years Billing: If you like to pay the whole amount for one year, there is an option to do that. This is the best time to purchase, because PureVPN is offering 75% discount. You can cut down the monthly fee by 75% to just $2.50 per month. This plan will be billed once in two years. If you really liked the service and want to use that for long, you can go with 2-Year Billing mode.


But, wait before you make the purchase. There’s an awesome offer you would be interested in. What do you think about having the lifetime subscription of 85% PureVPN Discount? Well, you can do that. Using this Promotional Deal, you will be able to purchase the Lifetime Package of PureVPN for just $89. When compared to the actual price of $597, you will be saving something huge. Given that PureVPN offers a bunch of cool features, you may consider going for this unlimited, lifetime subscription.

There is a small difference when it comes to the case of Android and iOS apps of PureVPN. In that case — given that you don’t need to use PureVPN in Windows or Mac, you can have a free version. However, unlike the premium version, there are some differences. First of all, PureVPN Free version for Android can offer free 2GB Bandwidth only. If you are ready to go, this can be an option. Well, here’s the perfect scenario. If you are not still confident about purchasing but want to test the service before, you can try PureVPN in Android or iOS devices. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? However, we think it’s good to spend some money and get the lifetime version by using the above-mentioned PureVPN Promo Code.

By the way, apart from the standard pricing, PureVPN is offering two paid add-ons as well — NAT Firewall and Smart DNS. You can purchase these add-ons through your account and use them on every device that is connected via PureVPN. All these things can be easily managed from the Client Area Dashboard of PureVPN.

Don’t you think PureVPN pricing is really competitive? We will go ahead and discuss other aspects, then.

What is PureVPN Offering — Features

Let’s have a quick look at the prominent features offered by PureVPN. We have tried out all these and will share our views in the ‘Hands On with PureVPN’ section.

  • Ultimate Compatibility

Compatibility is something people love about VPN Services. PureVPN gets things very smooth and clean for almost all uses of VPN. The service is compatible with more than 20+ devices in total. The list includes Chromecast, Routers, Roku, PCs, Laptops, Smartphones, Consoles, Smart TVs etc. in addition, you can download the dedicated PureVPN apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Router and DD-WRT. Integration with DD-WRT and Routers is something cool. You can bring all those benefits of PureVPN into every single device you connect. You can also perform customizations. It’s so simple that you can just go to the PureVPN Download Page and choose the platform you have.


  • Servers in 141 Countries

We mentioned this earlier, but this is an awesome feature of PureVPN, for sure. PureVPN has set up more than 500 VPN Servers in different regions of the globe, spread in 141 different countries. It means that you can connect to any website as if you are from the native region. Also, don’t worry about missing the Anime show, just because it’s available for Korean audience only. PureVPN does not keep logs in any of these servers. This is what we call true Internet Freedom, don’t you think?


  • One Purchase, All Servers

This feature makes PureVPN different from most competitors. In other VPN Services, you’d have seen some servers that are only available in advanced packages. However, as the true volunteers of Internet Freedom, PureVPN has gone beyond these limits. With a single purchase, you can access all the VPN Servers — be it from the US or UK or some not-so-common country. In other words, regardless the purpose, you can choose the VPN servers as you like.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Server Switching

Worried about going past the allotted bandwidth? No, not with PureVPN. In all its plans, PureVPN offers unlimited band-width. You can browse and download stuff as much as you like — until your real Internet pack goes off. If you’re really in to downloading torrents or huge files, PureVPN is the best choice for sure. You don’t have any limits to take care of. Also, PureVPN has a feature for Unlimited Server Switching. You can shift from US to Europe or from Hungary to Netherlands, as many times as you like. There are no limits, whatsoever.

  • Split Tunnelling

Split Tunnelling is one of the unique features of PureVPN VPN Service. At times, you may need to partially use the service. That is, you may want to download a torrent using VPN but browse through Chrome without one. In such cases, the Split Tunnelling feature works so cool. It will tunnel traffic from a particular set of apps you have selected. Rest of the traffic will be processed without the VPN moderation. Alternatively, you can set these things in the opposite direction too. It’s like having both the digital worlds with you.

  • Multiple Protocols and Encryption

PureVPN is compatible with the different VPN protocols, such as OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec and IKEv2. Depending on the device you use and the purpose, you can choose one VPN Protocols. Some of these protocol focus on security while some give preference for speed. If you are into downloading some long files, you may have to shift to the Speed-friendly one and vice versa. If you don’t know much about the selection, you can prefer Automatic mode. Depending on the purpose, the right VPN protocol will be chosen. Talking more about security, PureVPN is using 256-bit Data Encryption in all your devices.


  • Internet Kill Switch

This is one of the best features included in PureVPN package. If you want complete privacy for your internet life, you must use this in PureVPN. By enabling the switch, you can set the computer to block all the internet activity upon disconnection of VPN Service. That is, you cannot browse Internet until and unless you have an active VPN Connection. This is something cool for professionals, we think.

  • Different Modes for Different Needs

As we said, VPNs can be used for a variety of purposes. Understanding this, PureVPN has come with five modes — Stream, Internet Freedom, Security/Privacy, File Sharing and Remote/Dedicated IP. Depending on what you want to do, just make a click and select the mode. Everything else — including the suitable VPN Protocol — will be selected by the VPN App. This makes things simpler for people who are not well-versed with VPN Services.


Well, these are the awesome features offered by PureVPN services. Obviously, these are useful for almost user. Unlimited data transfer and server switching help common people be happy. At the same time, Internet Kill Switch & Split Tunnelling are something cool, as far as professionals are concerned. In the end, we cannot resist from giving five stars for PureVPN if we consider these features.

Impact on Speed & Performance 

This is something you would love to know when it comes to every VPN Service. Don’t worry here; PureVPN is never going to disappoint you. We will share our experience with the speed and performance, in comparison. We had done multiple PureVPN speed test to confirm the impact of the VPN Usage.

We tried testing our internet speed with and without PureVPN connection activated. The tests were based on the same server and the VPN Server Location was also correct. Needless to say, the results were amazing. There wasn’t a noticeable decrease in the download speeds. We had 2Mbps in the non- PureVPN scenario. When we made the PureVPN connection, it was bought down to something 1.5Mbps. While we recall our experience with other VPN services used, this is something unbelievable. And, we really support the claim by PureVPN that it’s the fastest VPN Service ever. In short, the PureVPN Speed Test confirmed what we had in our mind.

In short, it’s like having the same Internet connection with same speed. Unless you do a test, you won’t even understand the decrease. We hope that clears all your doubts.

The Connection Stability

Just above, we told you enough about the speed and performance of PureVPN when it comes to establishing and keeping the connection. However, there’s another aspect we should consider — the Stability. Just think about this: what’s all the point of speed and performance if your connection is getting dropped twice in a minute? This isn’t something a speed test won’t tell you. But, our expereince will do that for you. You don’t worry, such a thing would not happen in the case of PureVPN for Windows, Android, iOS or any other platforms.

In our testing process, we tried connecting PureVPN to different servers in extreme edges of the globe. And, as a matter of fact, there was no connection drops as well. Trust us when we say that, WE DID NOT face any kind of connection drops. As a funny anecdote, I forgot to disconnect the VPN connection and used it for hours. It was after 2 or 3 hours that it got disconnected. This instance was enough to show the stability and trustworthiness of PureVPN as a VPN Service. When you are doing something confidential and important, don’t worry about the connection getting lost.

Altogether, considering these points, we will give 5 out of 5 for the stability aspect of PureVPN Apps. When combined with its high-end speed and performance, it’s like having the perfect VPN Service for all your devices. The experience was same in the case of Android and iOS apps, to be noted.

Hands On with PureVPN

Well, to give you such a detailed, neutral and in-depth review, we tried out PureVPN in many devices. And, we would like to share our hands-on experience with PureVPN for Windows PCs and PureVPN for Android. Judging by the user-opinion, other apps of PureVPN are also effective.

PureVPN for Windows PCs

If you are using PureVPN from a Windows PC, this is the best way to connect. As we said, the developers have created an awesome, dedicated VPN App for devices running on Microsoft Windows. You can download the setup file from PureVPN Download Page official site and installation will be done in a few seconds, at maximum. We felt the process was too quick and there was no need of waiting. We tried the tool on a medium-duty Notebook and no lag did we face.

  • Getting Started

Getting started with PureVPN is an easy task. After the initialization, you can log in using the PureVPN credentials. It works like a charm and now you have to choose one of the offered modes. As we mentioned earlier, five different modes — Stream, Internet Freedom, File Sharing, Privacy, Remote/Dedicated IP — are available. If you don’t like to choose the VPN protocol by yourself, you can select what you want to do. We think this interface is cool-enough to go. You don’t need to know anything about technicalities, but just about what you are going to do.


Depending on the Mode you select, you can see a customized dashboard of PureVPN. Suppose you have selected Stream as the mode, you will see the following layout. Now, you can select a more specific purpose or location. Suppose you want to stream HBO Now. You can simply choose HBO Now (Faster Streaming) from the list. From the available countries, you can pick one too. All these work like charm, let us tell you. In our case, we are selecting the United State server.


Instantly, PureVPN will start connecting your computer to the selected server. In a few seconds, you can see the details of new connection. You can find the traffic data, connection duration, your IP address and the location. Once you are done with the streaming, you can hit ‘Disconnect’ and you will be where you started. In seconds, you can get started with the PureVPN app for Windows PCs. Of course, these are the basics.


  • Advanced Options

If you need advanced options, you can go to the Preferences section. As we said in the Features area, there is an option for Split Tunnelling. You can select the protocols, enable or disable Encryption, enable the Internet Kill Switch and do a lot of things you need. But these are optional, after all. So, if you just need to have the benefits of PureVPN, you can connect, open the website and sit back and relax.


  • The UI

User Interface of PureVPN for Windows is totally cool. All the information is graphically arranged that we don’t need to spend time. For instance, there are different ways for choosing the location. You can either enter the location name or pick one drop from the Global Map it has. The Preferences section is also awesome, though it’s containing advanced areas. For instance, even with the basic knowledge on VPN services, one can use the Internet Kill Switch and Split Tunnelling. For the latter, you just have to add some specific apps to the list, and PureVPN will do rest of things for you.


In short, we really loved the PureVPN, for its simplicity and enclosed features. And the best part is that it does not have a huge impact on the system resources either. We were able to use all other applications with the same speed and smooth behaviour. It’s a good thing, because the Internet Freedom should not curtail you from speed. Given that the service does not impact internet speed too, it’s all good with PureVPN.

PureVPN for Android

To get to know the mobile experience of PureVPN, we tried out PureVPN for Android. You may know the manual methods to connect your Android phone to a VPN Server. However, with this app, it’s just a few taps away.

  • Getting Started

Obviously, PureVPN for Android is a free application. You can download it from Google Play Store or from the official PureVPN Download page of the company and it will be installed in no time. Once the installation is over, you can open the PureVPN interface to start your journey ahead. First, you have to choose the mode according to your purpose — there are four options, Stream, Internet Freedom, Security/Privacy and File Sharing. Once you have made the selection, you will be lead to the homepage of PureVPN for Android.


Here too, things are quite simple. There is a button for all connection purposes you can use. Just click on that button and you can see a bunch of options. Depending on the Mode you had selected, PureVPN will show you the most popular places to connect to. Alternatively, you can choose the location and purpose, all by yourself. Either way, the connection process won’t take more than a few seconds at maximum. Depending on the device, you may have to allow PureVPN to create a VPN service for you.


Once connected, you can see one notification in the area, showing the speed and other connection details. This is pretty simple and impressive for basic users out there. They need to have no technical knowledge at all. PureVPN will Android is capable of leading all users to the right method to stay connected.

  • Advanced Options

As we discussed in the case of PureVPN for Windows, the Android app of PureVPN too has some advanced options. In the first place, we have Split Tunnelling. You can simply choose the apps that you need to use VPN Servers with. All the other apps will be using the direct ISP path for connection purposes. Similarly, there is another feature named Internet Kill Switch — which lets you cut down the whole internet connection if something is wrong with VPN Server connection. Both these features have been optimized to work well with Android environment. In our experience, they were pretty smooth and did not cause any issue.


  • The UI

Just like we mentioned earlier, the User Interface of PureVPN for Android is ultra-minimalistic. Once you have logged in, it won’t take more than a few seconds to make the connection and move ahead. Also, the single-button interface on the home page makes everything simpler than you guess.


Bringing all these points together, PureVPN for Android is the best way to VPN Services on your device. In fact, it is better than most of the other VPN apps for Android too. Things have been kept too simple that anyone can enjoy the benefits of having a VPN connection — be that for downloading torrents or unblocking locked content. And, here too, we will love to give five stars. By the way, PureVPN for Android is also available in the free variant.

PureVPN for Other Platforms

We had mentioned that PureVPN is offering dedicated apps for a variety of platforms and devices. Now, we shall have a look on these cases. We haven’t gone that much detailed into these apps, but we can surely give you an overview to move ahead.

  • PureVPN for Mac is pretty much like the Windows counterpart. The User Interface is almost the same, but you’ll miss Split Tunnelling feature, though you get Internet Kill Switch and IPv6 Leak Protection.
  • PureVPN for iOS gets the same features we had seen in PureVPN for Android. For instance, you get military-grade 256-bit Encryption, Split Tunnelling feature, Dedicated IP (only if you have a premium account) and the easy set-up. If you don’t want to go premium, you can get this app for free, with limited features and bandwidth.
  • PureVPN for Routers is available for a wide variety of routers from manufacturers like ASUS, Belkin, DDWRT, D-Link, TP-Link, Linksys, Tomato, Sitecom Gigabit etc. Using these apps, you can bring network-wide effects of VPN service.
  • In addition to these, PureVPN has a dedicated DD-WRT Applet, though it’s in beta version. Using this applet, you can enjoy the benefits of extra safety, split tunnelling, device exception and Port Filter etc, right from the router menu. The best part is that you can bring these changes to every device you connect. Doesn’t that sound good for a security-conscious home?

Therefore, if you ask us, we’d say PureVPN has the best line of compatibility in the industry. You can get dedicated apps for all these devices mentioned above. In addition to these, you can work with PureVPN in a variety of devices like Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Android TV, Gaming Consoles and a lot more. So, that’s something cool to go with compatibility. The corresponding setup files can be downloaded from the PureVPN Download Page, giving you the entire freedom of selection.

PureVPN’s Take on Privacy

Of course, when you are using a VPN Service, you should know about Privacy. At the least, you should know how all your data will be handled by the service provider. We are taking this aspect serious in this PureVPN Review too. As long as you are with PureVPN, you need not to worry about that aspect.

According to the official statement from PureVPN, the service does not keep any kind of traffic logs. That is, even the VPN Service provider has no way to know what you have been browsing. It needs to be noted, in addition, PureVPN is based in Hong Kong. This place is noted for the most privacy-friendly data retention legislation policies. When compared to the US-based firms, you can stay a bit more confident about your data and privacy. So, we were saying, PureVPN does not keep any type of logs or other tracking methods.

The only things that PureVPN collects from the user are usernames, email addresses and phone numbers. What’s more, you can proceed without phone number in certain countries. However, due to the common laws regarding data collection, the following information will be collected by most VPNs.

  • Your IP Address
  • The VPN Server you have connected to
  • Connection time and duration
  • The amount of data that has been transferred between VPN Servers and actual device.

And, you will be thrilled to know that PureVPN DOES NOT keep these kinds of information either. So, if we conclude that by all these, we can say you are completely secure and privacy-protected with the PureVPN scenario. It’s just that you’d have to keep connected. We repeat, there are no major laws in Hong Kong and you are completely safe about that.

PureVPN Account Management — Let’s Have a Look

We already mentioned that it’s great to manage the PureVPN apps for Desktop and portable device. Quite impressively, the same simplicity is there in the Account Management section of PureVPN. You just have to log into the Client Area to have a fully-fledged dashboard for service management. You can lead to different sections from the dashboard — such as Account Details, My Services, Invoices, Support Tickets and Network Status. And, if you are into affiliate stuff, you will be able to track that too.


While Account Details give you necessary information you used for registering, My Services section is too cool. It lets you know the purchase details and expiration details. In the related pages, you can manage Paid Add-ons like NAT Firewall and Smart DNS. The best part is that you can deal with Support Tickets when you are in the PureVPN Service Management UI. Altogether, we were really impressed by the simple yet effective organization of PureVPN Accounts section.

At the least, you won’t have to waste your time in navigating. That’s something that we saw in every part of PureVPN.

PureVPN Features We Loved when We Tried

Earlier in this PureVPN Review, we had mentioned the noticeable features offered by PureVPN clients for multiple platforms. It’s an impressive thing that most of these features are available for almost all platforms. For example, we can take the case of Split Tunnelling and the Internet Kill Switch. It does not matter whether you are browsing from your Android phone or the PC — you can have both these feature, giving you all the benefits. Despite this fact, there are some factors we loved when we tried this VPN Service. And we are happy to share our personal experience with these PureVPN features.

  • Split Tunneling — Innovative and Effective

You would have guessed this, but we don’t have a problem with this. Split Tunneling was one of the major feature we did love in PureVPN Service, as a whole. As we mentioned earlier, this feature is available in almost all platforms. And, we do really think this can be a reason for you to shift to PureVPN from the existing VPN Service you use. Let us give you a briefer overview onto this. And we will begin with an instance, which most of you will relate to.

You are a serious media junkie. It’s so extreme that you would like to watch movies and TV series whenever possible. At the same time, you like to keep your eyes on Facebook or some regional websites. In a common instance, when you use a VPN service, there would be several issues. First, you cannot easily access the regional websites in an easy manner. And, second, shifting between the VPN server and ISP connection can take enough time off your day. How do you fix this issue? PureVPN found an awesome way to do that — Split Tunnelling.


The concept of Split Tunnelling is too simple to understand. In a common VPN service, all the applications of connected device will be using the service. However, with the help of Split Tunnelling, you can limit the VPN Service to a few apps. For instance, while trying out the app, we wanted to download a torrent with higher speed. At the same time, we needed to browse via Chrome. What we did was simple. We enabled Split Tunnelling and added uTorrent as a positive application. So, as it turned out, only uTorrent was using the tunnelling method. All the other apps — including Chrome — sent traffic via the normal ISP path.

This is indeed something innovative we haven’t seen in other VPN Services. And, we have thought of cancelling the other VPN services — just because this is super-cool.

  • Multiple Modes

VPN Protocols aren’t that easy to master. So, people usually have some issues with finding the right VPN protocol. Since PureVPN is also offering different protocols, we thought that would be a problem. But, we were amazed to find the option of Multiple Modes in the PureVPN client for Windows and other platforms. There are five modes you will find in Windows client — Stream, Internet Freedom, Security/Privacy, File Sharing and Remote/Dedicated IP.


These five options make the process of PureVPN super-simple. We mean, there’s no searching or googling to find the best VPN servers for particular purposes. Depending on what you need to do, you can select the mode. So, when we wanted to download some torrents, we chose the File Sharing mode in PureVPN client. In the Home Page, you will be able to see the countries where P2P File Sharing is legal and quick. So, process has been simplified dramatically. In another possible instance, we chose Stream, and it was minimal efforts that we needed to find the server. In this case, PureVPN has gone pretty long, actually. Instead of listing the locations, PureVPN has listed purposes. So, when we needed to watch content from HBO GO, we just selected the purpose — Tada, you’re ready to go.


Well, this feature saved a lot of time from our side. And, it will be the same for other customers as well. Well, this thing apart, if you are tech-savvy, you have the option to go to Advanced Settings and choose the Protocol by yourself. But, be sure that the protocol has enough security and speed for your needs — just in case.

  • We Loved Speed

We already mentioned that PureVPN does not lower your browsing speeds or download speeds in any way. But, we were impressed by another type of speed as well — the speed with which we can manage these apps.

In light of our previous experience, we would say something. Normal VPN Services take more than a few seconds to load and they consume noticeable amount of resources. Here too, PureVPN is something opposite to expectations. From basic installation to advanced features, PureVPN clients for Windows and other platforms were unparalleled in terms of speed. We did not have to wait a few seconds or anything to get things done. If we reduce the slowdown of our devices, the total process was instantaneous.

We love speed, and so will the common people out there, we suppose.

  • Virtual Router

Virtual Router is another awesome feature we found in PureVPN interface for Windows PCs. We already mentioned that you can install PureVPN apps in your wireless router and enjoy PureVPN-powered connection in all your devices. However, this might not be possible for all users. In that case, you can use the Virtual Router feature. This works so simply. If enabled, your PC or Laptop will be converted to a Wi-Fi Hotspot that can bear up to 10 different devices. And the whole connection of the Hotspot will be protected by PureVPN, for privacy and security. It means that every device you connect will have all the benefits of PureVPN service, such as speed and security. This is something cool that we never expected. It helps us not download a third-party Wi-Fi Hotspot tool.

So, on the personal take, these are the PureVPN features we found and loved while testing the tools. This not to say that other tools aren’t good. In fact, depending on your needs, others may be. For instance, we have a special consideration for the Internet Kill Switch. This is a serious improvement for those who cannot make even a small compromise for safety and privacy. It’s like making the PureVPN connection a necessity for your web browsing needs. And it can be enabled in a few clicks too. Altogether, we really loved these awesome features, apart from the quicker connection and stability. And, these are why we are excited to recommend PureVPN to every reader of ours.

Server Availability of PureVPN

This is an area we should have a look at. It’s so because you need to be clearly safe when it comes to choosing servers.

As we talked earlier, PureVPN has one of the largest collection of VPN Servers in the world, especially in comparison. In terms of number, we can see more than VPN Servers that are online. These servers have been placed in 180 locations of 141 countries. So, as it turns out, in most countries, PureVPN has more than one VPN Server. And, if you look at the map, you can know that even not-so-popular locations are equipped with PureVPN. The positive outcome of this is that a user will always be connected to a far-away server, and not a nearby one. Let’s talk about continents now.


If we take the case of North America, they have 150 VPN Servers in total. In Los Angeles, CA, United States, PureVPN has 10 Servers and the number goes to 8 in Chicago, IL. In Europe and Oceania, PureVPN has 249 and 34 servers respectively. These numbers are powerful enough to show you the effectiveness of PureVPN while connecting. You can have a look at the Server Locations page of PureVPN if you need the complete list of VPN Servers.


Doesn’t this seem quite promising? For us, it does. Judging by our experience with other VPN Services we have tried, the numbers are very high. At least, higher than we expect on the standard scale. 500+ Servers is a huge-enough collection that would satisfy all types of customers from different needs. In our case, we were able to connect to servers from almost every part of the globe. And that sounded too cool. And, there’s another take on customizability. All these servers offer support for all VPN Protocols. So, it does not matter whether you need SSTP or L2TP, it’s all good with every VPN server you select.

Customer Support from PureVPN

You may come across doubts and queries while using PureVPN. Also, you may find some errors or confusions. In all these situations, you can make use of the in-built customer support from PureVPN. And, there are three ways to find answers for your questions.

  • The Knowledge Base of PureVPN deals with almost every possible issue. From connection to tunnelling and tools to advanced options, you can find answers for most questions out there. So, if you don’t mind reading a bit, this is an effective way to clear your doubts about PureVPN. Talking more of the Knowledge Base, PureVPN has taken care to cover all the required sections. Like, from the basic questions such as what is a VPN to what are the major benefits of choosing VPN Protocols, everything is answered at the PureVPN KB articles.
  • Support Ticket is a moderately quick method for seeking help from the PureVPN team. You can provide your info and the problem details. Just submit to the right department and the issue will be fixed. As we said earlier, your support tickets can be tracked right from your Account Management dashboard. Traditionally, Support Tickets are said to be slower. However, in case of PureVPN, they are amazingly quick and simple. Chances are higher that you can get your issues fixed in less than an hour or so. PureVPN makes sure that stability is there in all parts.
  • Live Chat support is for quick remedies and solving. You can chat with the PureVPN expert to clear your doubts. It is quite effective and simple, according to our experience and other opinions. As you can guess, the support is nearly instant. You won’t have to wait long for getting your queries cleared.


In short, we can say that PureVPN is offering an awesome range of options for customer support. Depending on the issue priority and time you have. You can choose one of those three options. However, it seems that most people are preferring Live Chat to the other options out there. By the way, talking more of the Knowledge Base, you can find installation data and tutorial for every single platform in the KB Directory. It’s more or less like complete freedom and safety, you know.

A Look at PureVPN Money-Back Guarantee

PureVPN is offering a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee for all the plans you purchase. To claim these, however, you must be compliant with the following terms.

  • The claim should be made within 7 days of purchase.
  • The account must not be suspended, due to some undesired activity or terms of service breach.
  • You should now have used more than 3GB of bandwidth and have more than 100 Connection sessions.

This might seem a bit tough at the first look. However, people find it quite pleasing to go with. And, the best part is that most people don’t go for refund, once they have started using PureVPN. However, in case if you have some personal issue with VPN usage and connections, keep in mind these Refund terms.

Nevertheless, some customers say that 7 Days isn’t good long-enough. This can be choice, if you prefer.

Payment Options

Torchbearers of Internet freedom, PureVPN is accepting payments through a bunch of methods. Let’s have a look at the most important payment methods now.

  • Credit Card — VISA, MasterCard and American Express
  • Alipay
  • PayPal
  • Bitpay
  • PaymentWall
  • CoinPayments
  • Gift Cards.

It needs to be noted that CoinPayments and Gift Cards Payments cannot be refunded in any case. So, you have to choose the right payment method that suits you. In short, regardless where you are from, PureVPN lets you pay for their service. The most important one is PayPal. It’s simple, quick and effective to go ahead.

What I Felt After Using PureVPN for Weeks – The Personal PureVPN Review

Before we tell you the comprehensive final word on PureVPN, I’d like to share my personal opinion as a reviewer. In the course of time, I’ve been able to try out a number of VPN Services — although the number may not be in hundreds. Quite ironically, all these services were claimed to be perfect and innovative. However, it is in the case of PureVPN that we found the real, perfect VPN Service for all. From the early stage of testing, I was impressed by the simplicity. The installation was done in a few seconds and the service was up and running in less than a few minutes. This really got my attention in the first place. And, as things kept moving, PureVPN was the epitome of internet freedom and privacy.

One thing I may vouch for PureVPN is the speed and stability. No matter what, you can be connected to the VPN Service. In my case, there was no disconnection at all. And, when I talked with the other customers of PureVPN, the opinions were more or less the same. So, I’m personally glad to recommend PureVPN as one of the best and perfect VPN Services you’ll ever come across.

Let’s Wrap Up — Our Final Words on PureVPN

By now, we have covered almost all aspects of PureVPN as a service. And, it’s time to reach the final verdict for PureVPN.

In shorter words, PureVPN is a simple, easy-to-use and secure VPN Service you can trust. it is offering support for almost all VPN Protocols including PPTP, SSTP, L2TP etc. Depending on your requirements of speed and security, it is possible to pick one from the list. It’s a good thing that PureVPN lets us use any protocol and any server as we wish. For instance, it’s easy and normal to shift between US Servers or UK Servers. When we add in the features like 5 Multiple Logins, PureVPN becomes the best choice for security and speed. As we mentioned from our tests, the speed retention is very good and you won’t face a bigger slow-down either.

It takes user-privacy very seriously. When compared to the other VPNs that are based in US, PureVPN has some superb favourable factors. As we had mentioned, Hong Kong does not have many laws for data retention. So, you can be quite a lot confident that you are not being tracked by PureVPN. In fact, it does not keep information that is considered common by most of the other VPN choices. So, your privacy is in safe hands.

Coming to the aspect of compatibility as well, PureVPN does the job very well. As we mentioned, PureVPN has dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Routers and DD-WRT Applet. So, regardless the device you use, you can avail all the benefits of PureVPN, without further ado. So, there’s a five-star in the case of compatibility too. We hope you are aware about the unique features of PureVPN, such as Split Tunnelling and Internet Kill Switch. These are very useful when you need ultimate safety for your internet needs. To back all these technologies, the Hong Kong-based firm uses no-tracking methods too. Just have a look at the Privacy Policy and you can know that you are not being tracked.

Last but not least, the pricing of PureVPN is truly competitive. As we have detailed on the Pricing section, there are three kinds of purchases you can make. Out of these, 2-Year Billing Cycle is the best method. That having said, you have a better way to save a lot of money. If you use this promotional deal, you can get PureVPN Lifetime subscription for just $89. It is to be noted that the actual pricing is $597 and you are saving 85% in this deal. We don’t think you will miss this awesome PureVPN Discount that lets you save around $400 on purchase.

When compared to all these aspects, the pricing of PureVPN is too impressive. None of the plans puts any limitation on users or the usage data. It’s a good thing that you are getting multiple ways of customer support with the purchases. So, in the end, when we look back, PureVPN is a promising, effective and budget-friendly VPN Service. At the least, you don’t have to worry about getting caught by surveillance agencies or ISPs. That’s true Internet Freedom for you, folks, you know.

By the way, don’t forget to make use of the PureVPN Promo Codes while checking out. This is going to change your Internet life for sure.

The Ultimate PureVPN Review 2017 – Is it the Best VPN Service?
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