SHAREit APK Download App for Android


SHAREit is known as world’s fastest cross-platform tool to transfer files from one device to the other. SHAREit APK allows you to share all kinds of files whenever you want to. The app is built with respect to the users who always transfer big files from one device to other. The app is 200 times faster than the Bluetooth which shows how incredible the app is! Fortunately, SHAREit application costs nothing and it is compatible with almost all types of Android devices. From here, SHAREit APK download now for your Android smartphone. We have prepared a step by step installation tutorial for everyone who wants to test this application on a respective Android smartphone. Keep on reading!

SHAREit APK Download App for Android

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Of course, there are numerous such apps available on Android’s Play Store. In Play Store, you can find out a number of applications for a single search which is why people do like to use an Android smartphone. Talking more about this particular application, SHAREit APK is more like an app as it is a light weighted one and works smoothly. The app requires no special skills to make use of it. Anyone can easily get started with this app and can instantly share files from different devices. It’s pretty much useful for every Android user and we recommend you all to keep this handy app installed on your device so that you can share big files even if you are in a hurry.

Furthermore, SHAREit APK has no any network restrictions, share files whenever and wherever you are, it works smoothly and gets an instant result in no time. SHAREit claims to offer a speed of transfer upto 20M/s which is 200 times faster than the normal Bluetooth connection. Nowadays, most of the people don’t use Bluetooth connection as there are various applications available to provide a bridge between different devices to share big files in no time. Being a cross-platform application, it works on Android smartphones, Tablets, Windows PCs, iOS and Mac OS X. Yes, the application works on all types of devices and has millions of regular users who use it everyday!

In order to know more about this application, you should know its actual features and other functionality to use this app. Following list of its features will let you know more about SHAREit and how awesome its user interface is! Here’s the list, take a look now!

Features of SHAREit APK for Android

  • Simple and easy to use cross-platform platform made for everyone
  • Free to use tool compatible with all types of Android smartphones and tablets
  • User can share all kinds of files whenever and wherever
  • It doesn’t have any network restrictions
  • Fastest in the World with 2M/s speed which counts 200 times faster than normal Bluetooth connection
  • Transfer files from various devices such as Android Smartphones, Tablets, Windows PC, iOS devices and Mac OS X
  • Transfer photos, videos, music, installed apps and more
  • So easy to share with friends from the same portal
  • User can even transfer files from phone to PC
  • Connect with the PC to explore an entire app from the PC
  • Replicate your contacts and other important data from older device to the newer one instantly

These were all the extraordinary features available in this world’s most popular and of course the fastest file transfer tool, SHAREit. The application costs nothing and you can download it for free. If you want to install it from its official store, just go to the official Google Play Store’s page and hit the Install button from there. You’ll be allowed to use it after that. Apart from this, you can download SHAREit APK file just by following the download button given below!

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SHAREit APK Download for Android


In order to download SHAREit APK file for a respective Android smartphone, just follow above mentioned Download button once. Downloading process will itself take place and after a while, you’ll get an APK file of this application downloaded on your desktop. Once you get this APK file of SHAREit, you can install it on a respective Android smartphone/ tablet from the following step by step installation guidelines. Just follow the tutorial now!

How to Install SHAREit APK on Android Smartphone?

Step 1 :

Make sure to download the proper SHAREit APK file from the link provided above.

Step 2 :

Do follow above given download button once, downloading process of SHAREit will itself take place and soon you will get the APK file.

Step 3 :

After this, you need to transfer/ copy this APK file to a respective Android device. Connect your phone to the PC by using a proper USB data cable. You can even use Bluetooth if your PC does have the facility.

Step 4 :

Once the SHAREit APK file gets transferred, you just need to open the Apps menu from your device and hit the File Manager application.

Step 5 :

Tap on the search option from the File Manager app and enter SHAREit there. You’ll see the APK file of SHAREit which is just transferred to your device.

Step 6 :

Tap on the APK file and you’ll be asked whether to install it or not. Just hit the Install button once and wait for a few seconds.

Step 7 :

You’ll see a successful message on the display with two options, Close and Open. Just tap the Open button to move ahead!

Step 8 :

SHAREit application will be launched on your device once you select Open button. You can even go to your phone’s apps menu and launch this app from there as well!

Also download: SHAREit for PC

So folks, this was all about the world’s fastest cross-platform file sharing tool, SHAREit. If you have anything to ask about the installation process or the app, feel free to let us know in the comments given below this post. We’d definitely help you out with proper solutions. Stay tuned with us for more such useful news and tutorials for daily uses!

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SHAREit APK Download App for Android
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