ShowBox APK 4.82 and 4.92 Download – Latest Update for 2017


ShowBox is world’s most popular entertainment app available for Android smartphone platform. The number of users of this app are in millions who are happily using this app to watch their favourite Movies and other videos. ShowBox has been upgrading with newer versions since it was launched. Recently, the app is upgraded with two versions back to back, ShowBox 4.82 and 4.92. If you’ve been a big fan of this app, Download ShowBox 4.82 APK and ShowBox 4.92 APK from here.

These latest updates of the ShowBox app brings a lot of improvements with enhanced user interface to all the users. The app is brilliantly amazing and it opens up a whole new world to its users. If you are a complete movie buff and looking for a way to entertain yourself, ShowBox is the best option available for you in the web world. Apart from the ShowBox app, there’s one more latest app available in the market which serves kind of the same user interface and i.e. Terrarium TV. Fortunately, you can even install and make use of this app on a respective Windows or Mac system as well. You can test this app on your Android device as well.

If you are just a newbie and want to know more about the ShowBox app, you are going to have all the right information about this app and its features. If you are not familiar with 3rd party applications, we would be providing you a step by step installation tutorial for this app as well.

ShowBox is popular over the globe as it serves the best of entertainment for free. Being a light weight app, it runs smoothly on any Android device. You can even use this app on your Android Tablet as well. The app serves an interactive User Interface for everyone who are looking for a way to watch their favourite movies. The ShowBox app offers a wide range of different types of Movies, TV Shows and other popular videos which you can watch out for free. You can even change the quality of the selected video as well. In other words, ShowBox is like your own theatre where you can search for anything and will get the same at your phone’s display.

Here, we have compiled a list of all the useful features which are available on this app for you. Just take a look on the list to get the right information about the ShowBox app and its functionality with this set of features.

Features of ShowBox app for Android

  • Simple and decent User Interface designed for all types of users
  • Light weight app runs smoothly on any Android smartphone and tablet
  • An eye catchy rich graphical interface throughout the time
  • Offers a wide range of all kinds of Hollywood Movies, TV Shows and other popular videos
  • User can watch selected item in various quality
  • Download any of the selected video from the app
  • Different categories to select your choice of entertainment
  • Updates section allows you to check for new items added recently to the app
  • Create your own library to watch them out in your free time
  • Requires no registration or sign up process
  • Works without login details and credentials and much more

These were all the highly useful features available in this popular Entertainment app, ShowBox. The app runs smoothly and works great on any Android devices. It will not ask you for any extra fees or payments for your favourite Movies and TV Shows, everything is for free in the ShowBox app.

In order to download ShowBox APK files of the latest versions, just follow the given Download button to download the respective ShowBox version.

Download ShowBox APK 4.82

Download ShowBox APK 4.92

Just click on the above mentioned Download buttons, for a respective ShowBox version. Downloading process of the APK file will take place itself and soon you will get an APK file of this application downloaded to your desktop.

So this is how you can get the latest ShowBox APK file for your Android smartphone. Now, if you are not aware about installing an APK file of such third party applications to your Android device, here we have prepared a tutorial to guide you about this.

Note : Android doesn’t allow you to install any third party applications. In order to do so, you have to enable the Unknown Source option from your device. Just go to the Menu and then select Settings option. Scroll down and open Security options from here. Scroll down until you see, Unknown Source option, enable this option from here.

How to Install ShowBox APK on Android Smartphone/ Tablet?

Step 1 :

Make sure to download a respective APK file of the ShowBox application for your Android Smartphone or Tablet device. Follow any of the above mentioned Download button and get an APK file of the app from there.

Step 2 :

It will take a few seconds and you will get ShowBox APK file downloaded to your desktop.

Step 3 :

Once you get an APK file, make sure to transfer or copy this file to a respective Android smartphone. You can use a proper USB data cable to do so. You can even connect your device with Bluetooth connection.

Step 4 :

Once you transfer this file, go to your Android smartphone and launch the File Manager app.

Step 5 :

On the File Manager app, you would see search option. Click on to it and enter ShowBox there.

Step 6 :

Select the icon and tap on to the ShowBox file which is recently transferred.

Step 7 :

You would be asked whether to install it or cancel this process. Click the Install button from here.

Step 8 :

Installation process of the app will take place itself.

Step 9 :

After a couple of seconds, you would see a Successful message. The app has been installed on your device. Tap on to the Open button to launch the ShowBox app to your Android device.

That’s all you have to do in order to install the ShowBox app on your Android device. You can even go to the Apps menu and can select the icon of ShowBox app to launch it anytime you want.

Apart from this, if you download anything from the app, you can explore all the downloaded movies and videos from the app. Just select the menu option where you would see all useful options along with Downloads. Select the Downloads option to view all the downloaded items from the ShowBox app. Downloaded files doesn’t require any Internet connection, so you can watch the downloaded files and stream them on your Android device without the Internet connection.

Since the app streams videos online, it requires high speed Internet connection. Make sure you are connected with high speed Internet connection to explore the world of entertainment without any interruptions. The app updates regularly and you would get new items such as Movies, Videos and other TV Shows with full episodes on a regular bases. So you can explore them as well within the app.

What’s your take on this folks? Have you ever used this app before? Do share your experiences using this app on your Android device. If you have any queries or questions or any feedbacks, kindly share it with us. Make use of the comments section to do so. For more such useful updates, stay tuned with us.

ShowBox APK 4.82 and 4.92 Download – Latest Update for 2017
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