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Technology brings everything in front of us and a smartphone is the best invention ever made for a human being. When it comes to smartphone, Android comes first. Being an open source platform, Android is loved by millions of people around the world. You can do a lot of implementation within an Android. This is not just done, there are hundreds of additional features you will get along with an Android smartphone. Android’s Play Store offers millions of apps and games for all types of its users. If you want to remove your associated Google account from the Play Store, know how you can Sign Out of Google Play Store from here. More details about the process is given below.

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Being a Google product, Android offers a variety of functions for its users. If you are from developer’s side, you can easily test out your work on Google. Additionally, you can purchase your Google Play Store’s developer’s account and can start selling out your apps and games or you can unleash your work to the world’s people by launching your own apps or games to the Play Store. Your work will be praised by the users from around the world. You will even receive feedback of your app or game as well.

For users, Android is the most convenient and super easy Operating System designed for all types of people. Yes, you can easily make the most of your day by installing proper apps and games to your device. You don’t even need to pay for them, most of the popular and useful apps are there for free on Play Store. You can easily get the best of results related to your search query within the Play Store. You can search for apps and games easily by entering it on the Search box of your device.

Furthermore, in order to use a Google Play Store’s account on an Android smartphone, you have to enter your personal Google Account with proper username and password, only then you will allow to sign in to Google Play Store’s account and to install other apps and games to your device. You can not use Google Play Store without Gmail account. Sometimes, you just want to revoke your current Gmail account from the Play Store or you just want to remove it and to sign in with a new account. Well, it is possible and needs just a few steps to be followed. And we are here to give you proper information about the actual Sign Out process from the Google Play Store’s account.

Since the technology upgrades, Android too has got many updates recently. Talking about the latest upgraded tech gadgets, people have found that there is no any Sign Out option for their current Google Account which is associated with the Play Store. If you too have bought the latest Android device and want to revoke or change the Gmail Id which is added to the Play Store, you can do it by simply installing an additional app which is available on the Play Store for absolutely free. More details are here.

Method 1  : How to Sign Out of Google Play Store

Step 1 :

First, go to your Apps menu and launch Google Play Store’s app by selecting its icon from the menu.

Step 2 :

Now, select Search option and enter Log Out there. Yes, you need to enter Log Out and then hit the Enter button.

Step 3 :

You could see an app named with Log Out. Just select it from the page and you’ll be redirected to its official Google Play Store’s page.

Step 4 :

Click Install button and then Accept the terms and conditions.

Step 5 :

Let the app be installed on your Android device, wait for a while until the process gets done.

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Step 6 :

You could see an icon of the Sign Out app on your Apps menu. Just select the icon to launch the app.

Step 7 :

Now, you would be asked to enter your Gmail Password into the given field.

Note : In order to use this app to Sign out from all Google Accounts, you have to know what’s your actual Password is! You have to enter the correct Password of your device so that you can easily log out from other devices.

So folks, this is how you can simply Log Out from all accounts where you have entered your Gmail ID and Password. Apart from this, there’s one more method which you can follow to Sign Out your Gmail account. It’s simple method which you can perform if you know where the sign out option is!

Method 2 : How to Sign Out of Google Play Store

Step 1 :

Go to your Apps menu and select Settings option from there.

Step 2 :

Now, you need to select Accounts option which is given to the same menu.

Here you could see all of your accounts details including the apps which are associated with your current Gmail ID.

Step 3 :

Once you select this Accounts option, you could see an option data and synchronization. Select this option and you could see a More option on the display.

Step 4 :

If you could not see an option, you can search for other buttons to open this. You could see an option Remove Account. In order to remove your current Gmail account, you can select this option.

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Step 5 :

Your current Gmail account will be removed from the device. Once you removed this account, you need to re enter an additional Gmail account to your system which is an essential thing to do.

This is how you can manually Sign out of Google Play from your Android device. You can even sign out from all the devices once you remove your account from the device. It’s a simple thing which requires just a few steps to be followed. Give it a try and let us know your views on this. If you have anything to ask, let us know in the comments given below this post. We’d be happy to assist you with everything!

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How to Sign Out of Google Play Store
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