Snapchat Star Emojis – What do they actually mean?


Snapchat has recently made a huge buzz around the entire world with a series of extraordinary features. Yes, there are hundreds of amazing features packed inside this amazingly designed new social networking app. Snapchat is quite affordable to use as you can explore the app more and more. You’d learn a lot of things within this one single app by trying and using it out more. Snapchat offers a variety of Emojis to share your feelings. Many of you might be wondering what do they actually mean? Snapchat Star Emojis and their actual meanings are described here. Keep on reading!


Since we all are using a perfect smartphone to do all the things and tasks perfectly, we have to get used to use the best of apps to bring the real world into our smartphone. There are hundreds of amazingly designed apps available on the market for various purposes. If you love to chat or to do something unique, Snapchat offers a whole new world of awesomeness within your phone. Yes, you don’t even need to pay for it as the app is widely open for all and is available for absolutely free. You can download Snapchat for free and can start using it right away. While using the app, there are many times when you have to use an emoji. But make sure you are very well aware of what you are actually sending. Yes, you have to make up your mind before sending anything to anyone. Snapchat Star Emojis and their real meanings are described here, take a look!

Snapchat Star Emojis – What do they actually mean?

? Gold Star – Gold star suggests that if a person has replayed snaps in the recent 24 hours. So it indicates that they have something very interesting inside.

❤️ Red Heart – Red Heart suggests that you’ve been best friends for two weeks straight with each other.

? Baby – Baby suggests that you’ve just connected with this person means you are a new friend to this person.

? Yellow Heart – Yellow Heart suggests that you are number 1 best friend of this person. You both send and receive most of your snaps to each other and most of the times.

? Pink Hearts – Pink Heart suggests that you’ve been best friends for two months straight with each other

? Face With Sunglasses – Face With Sunglasses means one of your best friends is one of their best friends. You send most of the snaps to you and they send most of the snaps to you.

? Smirking Face – Smirking Face suggests that you are one of their best friends but they are not your best friends. So it’s kind of annoyed with you.

? Grimacing Face – Grimacing Face suggests that your best friend is their best friends. You send most of the snaps to the same person that they also do. So you are kind of pissed of with it.

? Smiling Face – Smiling face suggests that it is another best of yours. You send most of your snaps to this person inspite he is not the number 1 best friend of yours.

? Hundred – Hundred suggests that you are continuously sending snaps to this person for 100 days without stopping for a single day.

? Fire – Fire suggests that you send regular snaps to this person and that person is also send you snaps on a regular basis.

⌛ Hourglass – Hourglass is kind of time limit.  Your snap is about to end and you are being warned to send another snap to keep it alive.

? Birthday Cake – Birthday Cake suggests that this friend has a birthday today. You can prepare a special birthday snap to make his birthday memorable one.

So folks, these were all the very useful and meaningful emojis that we all have been seeing besides the person’s name. Now you know what do they actually mean! Well, apart from all these basic emojis, there are a number of additional emojis also waiting for you to know them well. There are different types of trophies available and we’ve enlisted all of them here in the list, take a look!

Complete List Of Trophy Emoji of Snapchat

Snapchat Trophy 1:  One Finger Pointed Up

This means you have sent a snap with just one filter used in it.

Snapchat Trophy 2: Two Fingers Point Up or Peace Sign

This means you have sent a snap with two filters applied on it.

Snapchat Trophy 3: Baby Face 

Congratulations! You’re have achieved 10 score in your snapchat scoreboard.

Snapchat Trophy 4: Sun Face 

This means you have used a temperature filter over 100 F.

Snapchat Trophy 5: Half Moon 

This describes that you have sent 50 or more snaps in the night mode.

Snapchat Trophy 6: Panda Bear 

Since Panda Bear has only black and white color, this trophy describes that you have sent 50 snaps with only black and white colors.

Snapchat Trophy 7: Monkey Holding Ears 

This means your snap doesn’t have any voice. You have sent a voice which has no volume.

Snapchat Trophy 8: Devil Face or Ogre 

This means you love to snap with the front facing camera. More over, this trophy describes that you have over 1000 snaps by using the front camera of your phone.

Snapchat Trophy 9: Ghost 

This means your score has reaches 500,000

Snapchat Trophy 10: Rainbow 

This means you have used 5 or more colors in over 10 snaps.

Snapchat Trophy 11: Video Camera 

This means you have sent over 500 video snaps to your people.

Snapchat Trophy 12: Old School Video Camera

This means you have sent over 50 video snaps.

Snapchat Trophy 13: Video Tape/VCR

This means you just sent a video snap.

Snapchat Trophy 14: Snowflake

It means you have sent a snap with temperature filter

Snapchat Trophy 15: Rocket Ship

It’s one kind of milestone achievement which says ou have 100,000 Snapchat scores.

Snapchat Trophy 16: Red and Yellow/Fireworks 

This describes your score between 50,000 and 100,000.

Snapchat Trophy 17: Shooting Star

It means you just hit your Snapchat score to 10,000.

Snapchat Trophy 18: Sparkles or Three Stars

It means your snapchat score is 1000.

Snapchat Trophy 19: Loop

This means flipping the camera over 5 times in one video snap

Snapchat Trophy 20: Flashlight

Send 10 snaps using the front facing camera

Snapchat Star Emojis – What do they actually mean?
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