What Song is this? Apps that Lets You Find out the Names of Songs


Music Recognition department reaches to an extremely new level with all new inventions in the technology world. People are getting more advance by using different types of technology gadgets. With this, we have a number of advance smartphones studded with advance technology inside. Android and iOS are two of the most popular smartphone platforms. Since there are millions of its users available, they are always looking for the best apps to get the most out of their devices. If you are a complete music freak, get a list of the apps that lets you find out the names of Songs. Don’t ever ask what song is this? Just open an app, you’ll get to know every single detail of that song.

Everyone loves music. Music has all types of solutions and this the reason why people do like to listen to different types of music. There are millions of music tracks available in the industry with different genres and categories. Since we all use a smartphone, we can load all types of songs and music on it. But what if you want to recognise a song which you don’t know? What if you want to download a particular song but you don’t know its artist or lyrics? Well, there are many apps available in the market allowing you to recognise a music by its name. If you are looking for the same, follow below given list of apps now!

Apps that Lets You Find out the Names of Songs

1. Shazam


Shazam is one of world’s best and most downloaded apps from the Play Store and iOS devices. Shazam is being used by over 100 million people around the world every month. This shows the actual popularity of this app. Shazam helps you to identify a song, its lyrics. You can even discover new music launched by a particular artists within the app. If you believe in magic, Shazam shows it perfectly on your device.

Shazam identifies music itself. This is not done, you can even share the interest easily with the artists you love. It’s amazing and works perfectly on your device. The app even shows what world’s best artists are doing right now by getting latest updates on music within the app. The app itself appears your last search by showing what you have Shazamed in the past within the app. Shazam serves a decent User Interface so that anyone can easily use this app to recognise a music of their choice.

If you love music and can’t live without the latest releases, Shazam shows everything perfectly. You can even follow top artists from the app to show their work and can get the music of them instantly. Let’s see what’s exciting inside this app by following a list of its features given below. Take a look on the list of its features now!

Features of Shazam for Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry

  • Shazam TV Shows to discover the music you like the most
  • Get the right tracks, the cast, special offers and much more within the app
  • Enjoy exciting music with the lyrics and watch videos right on YouTube within the app
  • Listen or buy your favourite songs from the Google Play Music instantly
  • Play your music directly on Google Play Music
  • Spotify Playlists to add your favourite music to the lists
  • Preview songs and get all the required details
  • You can directly launch Pandora for the artist that you’ve recently discovered
  • “Ok Google, Shazam this song” Google will search for the song itself
  • Shazam’s real time chart allows you to stay updated
  • Connect Spotify to play your music in full mode
  • User can discover new songs by checking out the recommended songs
  • See what’s popular in your city, town, country
  • Simple social media integration to connect with different social networks
  • Share your activities on various social networks by connecting with your real friends within the Shazam app
  • Shazam is compatible with your Android wear devices, you can launch the app directly from the Android Wear device
  • Shazam is for free and you can use it unlimitedly as much time as you want

Amazed? Well, Shazam tops the list of the most popular entertainment apps just because of its amazing user interface and its functionality. The app costs nothing is available for almost all types of smartphone platforms for free. You can download this app for different smartphone platforms from the following links.

Download Shazam for Android

Download Shazam for iOS

Download Shazam for Windows Phone

Download Shazam for BlackBerry

2. SoundHound


SoundHound is also known as SoundHound Music Search app. SoundHound works on a simple thing, the app is there to let you find out the music you love. Yes, this is the main feature of this app which lets you get the music which is being played around you. SoundHound is specially designed for music lovers out there. The app works simply, all you need to do is just take your device to the music which is being played, tap orange button for a few seconds. That’s all you have to do in order to recognise the song, artist and much of that particular music.

SoundHound is a special search engine for everyone who loves music. User can also search for the music just by humming or singing into the SoundHound app. User can even buy a particular song and can explore more about that song from the app itself. SoundHound works on a unique technology which recognise music or words or just humming. The app carries a huge number of features as well. Just to get you more information about the app, we have enlisted all the exciting features of this app here. Take a look on to the list of its features now!

Features of SoundHound for Android, iOS

  • Search for any kinds of music just by taking your phone nearer the to the music
  • Save and add songs to your own Spotify playlist
  • Listen to the full song within the app and get live lyrics featuring everything on the display
  • View lyrics moving real time with the music
  • User can get full details of a particular music within the app
  • Get details including the biographies of artists and their past work
  • View album release data, album info and much more
  • Watch your favourite videos within the app
  • Search for the videos or tracks you like to listen to by using the Search option
  • Preview songs and album reviews
  • Social media integration with one single tap
  • Share your favourite music with your real friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Launch Spotify, Pandora, or Google Play Radio from the app
  • Purchase songs, albums and much more instantly from the Google Play Store
  • Control all music and playlists which you have created easily
  • Get updated music charts from the top artists of the world
  • Weekly featured songs, videos, artists and albums
  • Music recommendations from the artists you love
  • Get regular updates on your favourite music whenever you launch the app
  • See your History and know what you have searched for in the past within the app
  • Record voice or music to search for the track
  • Customisable audio settings to change the options of what you are actually searching for

SoundHound app has millions of users around the world and the app is available for Android and iOS platforms. You can download SoundHound for a respective Android or iOS device just by following the below given links now!

Download SoundHound for iOS

Download SoundHound for Android

Download SoundHound for Windows Phone

3. TrackID


TrackID is the best way to identify the music which is being played around you. The app is loved by millions of people who are using this app regularly to discover new music all around. The app works quickly and gets you an exact title of a particular song or track. The app serves a decent user interface and hence it’s an easy to use app. It has a very clean design which looks absolutely adorable. Surprisingly, the app is available in over 60 different languages for different people around the world. Isn’t it amazing?

Dive more deeper into the ocean of music with this easy to use app, TrackID. The app has a special song identifier mechanism to search for a music you are being played. You can even do a lot of things within this app like viewing the biographies of your favourite artists, exploring popular videos, see who’s top on the list of TrackID, top artists and much more. Just like the above apps, TrackID too allows you to add your music to the Spotify list so that you can listen to your full music for free. Additionally, you can download songs and can watch the related videos within the app.

TrackID also offers an offline mode which works without Internet connection. You can add your items to the app and the app will get you a music when you are back online. The app saves everything that you have explored being offline. Sharing is pretty easy with its simple social network integration option. TrackID allows you to connect with your real Facebook and Twitter friends. Connect with your social networks to share and to chat with them within the TrackID app. In order to know more about this app, we have compiled a list of all the useful features of it here. We request you to kindly follow this list so that you actually can know the functionality of the TrackID app.

Features of TrackID for Android

  • Simple and easy to use available for free
  • Decent User Interface makes everyone to use this app easily
  • The app is compatible with almost all types of Android smartphones and tablets
  • With TrackID you can find a song within a couple of seconds just by pressing a button
  • User’s history can easily be accessible from the front page of the app
  • Capture tracks with an offline mode of the TrackID app
  • Never miss a moment as the app works offline as well and gets you a required results when you are back online
  • Listen to the preview of a song which you are looking for to make sure of yourself
  • Connect with the Spotify playlist to listen to the full songs
  • Watch music videos of your choice on YouTube within the app
  • Explore a wide range of music and videos easily
  • Know more about the artists by reading their biographies
  • Love the song you have found? Do share it quickly on Facebook with your friends by tapping on the Facebook’s button
  • User can even take backup of what he has searched recently by logging with Facebook or Sony Entertainment network’s account
  • Get updated playlists and charts of the songs
  • Download your favourite music within the app by completing a few basic instructions
  • Find out the tracks and title of the track in a few seconds
  • Get the bigger picture with the genre of the track
  • Explore the other related tracks, music, albums and much more
  • View history of what you have searched for recently by launching the app
  • Discover the hottest global search and get a special list from there
  • View top recent searches from the homepage of the app and much more

These were all the highly useful features available inside this useful app, TrackID. The app is only available for Android platform and carries millions of users globally. You can download TrackID app from its official Google Play Store’s page by following the below given link now!

Download TrackID for Android

4. Musixmatch


Musixmatch is known as world’s largest lyrics catalog. Nowadays, everyone likes to listen to different types of music. Some people like the music, however due to different language they don’t get the exact lyrics of a particular song. Well, this Musixmatch app is specially designed for those people who listen to a different types of music in different languages. The app lets you enjoy diverse music with synced lyrics. It shows the lyrics while playing the song. The app has millions of downloads globally as people like the actual interface of it. The app has been awarded as the best apps for the year 2014 and 2015 with a massive number of followers over the globe.

Musixmatch is a must have app for all the music lovers out there. With Musixmatch you can actually discover the floating lyrics of a particular song on your display. The app can be synced with Pandora, Spotify and Google Play Music. You can add your tracks to the playlists of Spotify or Pandora or Google Play Music and that’s all you have to do. The app lets you search any lyrics you like to in moments. Instantly search for whatever you like to within a few seconds. The app doesn’t require an exact title of the song, just type a particular part of that song and it will get you an exact name of the song. It’s amazing and works perfectly for everyone.

Furthermore, Musixmatch identifies music which is being played around you. Just take your device nearer to the music and tap the button for a few seconds. The app will work itself and gives you a title of the music which is being played. It identifies audio from Radio, Television or any other audio resources around you. Everything you have searched within the app, will be stored in your personal profile. You can view everything whenever you want to by exploring your profile back. In order to know more about this app, we request you to follow a list of its features which is given below. Take a look on to the list now!

Features of Musixmatch for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

  • Listen to your favourite music with Synced lyrics
  • Simple and easy to use app works perfectly on all types of smartphones
  • The app is absolutely for free and requires no any subscriptions
  • Discover the floating lyrics of the song which is being played on your phone
  • Add your favourite tracks to the Spotify or Pandora or Google Play Music’s playlist to listen to them fully
  • Search lyrics for any song you love instantly
  • Add a fraction of a music and the app will get you an exact name of that song
  • The app identifies music as well, just take your devices to the music and tap the button, get an exact match in moments
  • Store everything you have searched in a special personal profile
  • Cast music and videos to the Television with Chromecast
  • Advanced features such as equaliser and sleep timer
  • User can even create and share lyrics with LyricsCards
  • The app automatically fetches lyrics and other data of the music
  • Get full details of a song, artist biography and much more instantly
  • Supports Android Wear and Android TV

These were all the features which are available inside this amazing app, Musixmatch. The app works perfectly on all types of smartphones and is available for free. Following links will help you downloading it for a respective smartphone. Download it now!

Download Musixmatch for Android

Download Musixmatch for iOS

Download Musixmatch for Windows

Download Musixmatch for Mac

5. SpotSearch


SpotSearch is specially designed for Spotify users. This paid app is currently available for iOS devices. It was removed from the Google Play Store due to some legal content issues. SpotSearch enables you to find the music you have heard on any audio resources. The app requires is just a part of the lyrics and you’re done. SpotSearch is a user friendly app which can be used by any users. It does’t require any special skills to use the app. Just install the app and start searching for your music right away.

Using SpotSearch is quite simple. Just enter the lyrics of a particular song in the Search box and then hit the Search option given there. Once you hit the Search button, you will instantly get the link of Spotify or YouTube or iTunes so that you can listen to that particular music or can buy it out directly. Unlike the other apps, this app has something unique to search for your own music. It works even in the noisy environment. So if you are searching for a music in a noisy environment, this SpotSearch app will work there too. The app has a simple User Interface and this is the only reason why it has a millions of users who actively use this app to search for a music and the tracks instantly.

SpotSearch works with a unique way to bring you an exact music what you are looking for. It even offers a related items of what you are searching for. Isn’t it amazing! To know more about this app, we’d like you to follow the list of its features which is given below. We have compiled a list of all the available features packed inside this popular entertainment music app, SpotSearch. Just take a look now!

Features of SpotSearch for iOS

  • Simple and easy to use app compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices
  • An adorable graphics makes everyone able to use this app easily
  • Works smartly and gets you an exact result
  • Instant search offers quick results in no time
  • Just enter a part of the lyrics and the app will let you search the exact name of that song
  • Connect with Spotify or Pandora or Google Play Music to listen to the full song
  • Preview song which you have recently searched and listen to it
  • Download or purchase songs from the official stores
  • List of top searches from the people around the world
  • Simple social media integration to connect with Facebook
  • Share your music and activities on Facebook with one single tap on the display

SpotSearch has a simple User Interface with limited functions to get the exact result of what you are looking for. It doesn’t ask you for anything else, just enter your query and hit the Search button. The app will itself gets you a required results. Download SpotSearch for iOS from the following official download link now!

Download SpotSearch for iOS 


What Song is this? Apps that Lets You Find out the Names of Songs
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