How to Switch Between Active Apps on Mac OS – Keyboard Shortcuts + TouchPad Gesture


If you are a lucky tech savvy who’s working on an Apple’s Mac OS, then you might be looking for some of the best tips to use your Mac OS like a pro. If you have recently switch your computer system from Windows to Mac OS, there are plenty of different things which a whole new environment. Mac OS does serve kind of a smooth UI which is indeed the best in the lot. If you’ve been stuck between a number of active apps and want to access them quickly, there are many shortcuts available on Mac OS. Here, we will guide you through all the possible and the best ways to switch between Active apps on Mac OS. 

Switching between various applications which are already opened on your Mac OS is also called as Toggling between the apps. Thanks to the amazing OS which lets all the Mac OS users to toggle or switch between the opened Windows or Applications with just a combination of different keys, i.e. shortcuts. Yes, if you are using a Mac, there are hundreds of useful shortcuts available to make use of this OS like a pro. With these shortcuts, your tasks will be done in no time and you don’t need to make use of your Trackpad or Touchpad, just use a combination of keys and get your tasks done quickly.

If you are not aware about Switching between Active apps on Mac OS, kindly follow below given steps and you will be able to quickly switch between Active apps on your Mac OS X system. Let’s get on to the steps now!

How to Switch Between Active Apps on Mac OS

Method 1 : By using Shortcuts

In order to quickly switch between the active apps on Mac OS, you just need to press a combination of keys by pressing the following keys simultaneously on your Mac PC.

Shortcut : Command + Tab or Command + Shift + Tab 

These two shortcuts are available with which you can easily Switch between the active apps on your current Mac OS X. Both the shortcuts offers forward and backward cycles with the apps which are already opened in your system. You can choose the right combination of the keys to open the desired app quickly.

Method 2 : By swiping on the TouchPad

Apple is known for its tremendous User Interface which is by far the best one in the market. In order to switch between the apps which are already opened, you need to follow below task.

Just swipe your one finger on the touchpad towards the upper right corner of your screen. This will show you all the opened Windows on your system. You can simply take your cursor to a desired Window and that Window will be up on the screen.

Apart from this, you can even customize this function of your Mac OS’s TouchPad as well. Some Mac user can switch between the apps just by swiping three fingers at the upper side. So, there’s a tweak here which you need to know about.

Method 3 : See manually

If you don’t want to use any shortcuts or any such methods, you can simply Switch between the active apps on your Mac by moving your eyes on the Dock.

You would see a black dot beneath the applications which are currently active. You can click on the desired application icon to launch it on your system.

So folks, this is how you can easily Switch between the Active apps on Mac OS. If you want to work more smarter, you need to know all the available shortcuts of Mac OS X to get your tasks done in no time.

Apart from this, if you are using web a lot, there might be a number of active tabs opened on your web browser. Now, if you don’t want to use the touchpad to open a desire tab, you can use a shortcut to change between the active tabs as well.

Shortcut : control + tab 

If you press control and tab keys together, you would see that the Tabs are moving one by one, this way you can open the desired tab quickly. This shortcut is working well on Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

Some other shortcuts for tabs are also available like if you want to open a new tab, just press Command+ t or if you want to close down the current web, just press Command + w.

Furthermore, if you don’t find any of these options upto your expectations, Mac OS has a dedicated key to switch between the Active applications and users. Yes, you can now easily switch between active applications with just one single key on your Mac’s Keyboard.

Shortcut : F3 

Just press the F3 Key on your Mac’s Keyboard and you would see all the desktops at the upper side along with the active applications on your Mac OS X.

So folks, this is what you might need to know if you are looking for some time saving ways to switch between the active applications while working on a Mac OS. Hope this helps you in future. If you know any other such shortcuts, kindly let us know. Put your comments into the comments section given below this post. We’d be happy to interact with you. You can even drop us your feedbacks as well. For more such useful updates on technology and its movements, stay tuned with us.

How to Switch Between Active Apps on Mac OS – Keyboard Shortcuts + TouchPad Gesture
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