How to Take Screenshot in a Video on Android Phone & Tablet


Android is a whole new environment for all the tech enthusiasts who always want to explore something new within their hands. Yes, we are talking about an Android smartphone. Being an open source platform, we can do pretty much anything on an Android smartphone. Starting from the day to the night, a smartphone can handle up all the major routine tasks and hence it becomes an essential thing for everyone. If you are using an Android smartphone and looking for a way to take a Screenshot within a Video which is playing on the device, you can do so easily. We’ve managed to bring a detailed tutorial to take Screenshot in a Video on Android Phone & Tablet. Keep on reading! 


Of course, Android allows you to take a quick Screenshot of a Screen displayed on your phone’s display. You can easily take a Screenshot by using a combination of Keys. There are different combinations for different smartphones and for that, you have to use the right ones which is suitable for your phone. You can search for it on the web to get a combination of the Keys. Apart from this, there comes a time when you want to grab the Screen of a video on your phone. Well, in order to do so, you have to use an additional app called, AndroVid. This app is specially designed for the people who want to expands their media uses on an Android. The app offers a variety of functionality with a bundle of extraordinary features which you can use for various tasks including taking a Screenshot in a Video. Yes, this is actually possible by using this AndroVid application on your Android smartphone.

Android’s PlayStore carries hundreds of amazing apps and games for its users. Fortunately, this AndroVid app is also available for free and you can download it easily by following the steps given below. Before moving any further, we’d like you to follow a list of some of the coolest features of this app. We’ve compiled a list of all the important features of this app which will let you take a Screenshot in a Video on Android smartphone and tablet easily. Here’s the list of all the features which you might want to know of this AndroVid app. Take a look!

Features of AndroVid for Android

  • Free to use app offers decent User Interface for everyone
  • Available for free on Google Play Store
  • Light weight app compatible with almost all types of Android smartphones and tablets
  • Just select Grab button while playing your video to take a quick Screenshot
  • Save the Screenshot directly to your Gallery app on Android
  • You can instantly add effects to the recently taken Screenshot within the app
  • You are allowed to crop and resize the image
  • Set the Screenshot as your phone’s wallpaper right after it’s taken
  • Video trimmer allows you to trim video parts from the selected video and many more

AndroVid is a free app, however it offers a number of advance features which are there for absolutely free. It doesn’t ask you to pay anything as you can use this app and its advance features for free. It is also known as the best video editor app on Play Store with over a million downloads globally. AndroVid app is available for free and you can download it from the following download button now!

Download AndroVid App for Android

In order to download AndroVid app, all you have to do is just click the above Download button once. You’ll be taken to an official Google Play Store’s page. Click the Install button and then you will be asked to choose the terms and conditions. Kindly Accept all the terms and conditions when asked and you will see that the app starts downloading. Wait for a couple of minutes and you will be ready to use this app.

How to take Screenshot in a Video on Android?

Step 1 :

First, make sure to install AndroVid application to your Android smartphone by following above given Download button. It will redirect you to the official page of the app and you can install it from there.

Step 2 :

Once you installed the app, on the front page you will see an option to select a Video or Photo. Kindly select Video option and you will be on the Gallery app having all the Videos. Kindly select a Video from which you want to take a Screenshot.


Step 3 :

Once you select the Video, you can see it on the display with a number of options on the top of the screen. Kindly select Grab option to grab the frame of the Screen.



Step 4 :

After this, the Video will start playing on the display. In order to take a Screenshot, you just need to touch once on the display.

Step 5 :

A Screenshot will be taken and you will be asked to select the Size of the frame of that particular Screenshot which is just taken. Select the size properly.


Step 6 :

You’d see a Screenshot on the display with some more options to add filters and more within the app. You can easily share it to your loved ones by using apps or can set it as your phone’s background wallpaper.


So folks, this is how you can take Screenshot in a Video on Android Phone & Tablet. This is the most simplest thing you can follow to get a required results. This feature is available on high end Android smartphone which is included on your Phone’s camera app. However you can use this app for some additional features and functionality.

What’s your take on this? Have you ever heard about this process? Do share your thoughts and opinions in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask, let us know in the comments given below this post in the comments section. We’d be happy to help you with proper solutions. Stay tuned with us for more useful updates.

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How to Take Screenshot in a Video on Android Phone & Tablet
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