Top 10 Best Games like The War of Mine


If you are a true gamer and love to play different types of war games full of action packed environment, then there are hundreds of such addictive games available in the market for various PC systems and gaming consoles. The War of Mine is a popular action adventure game offers a wide range of features to explore a new world of action. The game serves a detailed storyline gameplay. If you have been playing this game since for a long time and get bored by its gameplay, here we are presenting you a list of games like The War of Mine. 

Before moving on to the alternatives of this The War of Mine game, we would like you know something more about this original game first. The War of Mine serves an exciting gameplay where you can go in a war with powerful weapons.

There are plenty of customizable features available in the gameplay to make it serve more excitements at users’ end. The game has a day and night mode where you have to make some strategies in order to survive. There are a lot of new things to explore in the game which you might have never experience before. Nothing lasts forever and hence you might need a change. If you are looking for sort of same games, the following list will give you the best of War based gameplay to spend your time. Here’s the list!

Top 10 Best Games like The War of Mine

1. Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal is an Action-Adventure game which is available widely for different gaming consoles and PCs. The game is developed and published by Ubisoft and Ubisoft Montreal. It’s a new video game which is full of action packed gameplay. The game has its own survival part as well where you will learn how you can go through crucial conditions and how you can come out from such messy situations. Its rich graphical interface offers a complete realistic war zone.

The game was released in last year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles, later they have released this game for Windows platform as well. The game is receiving good reviews from the players around the world and hence it’s becoming more popular everyday. The gameplay is quite exciting as it is offers full crafting of various things. When you killed anything except humans, the system will allow you to harvest it and this way you can invent new weapon for the game. You can ride on different animals and can explore a wide range of vehicles to survive the gameplay. The gameplay allows you to explore a wide range of weapons within the gameplay and of course, its storyline gameplay to spend hours of your time.

2. Age of Survival

Age of Survival is another multi function game designed for the real gamers. The game is based upon other survival game but with a different gameplay. The gameplay is very simple in which you just need to survive, explore, craft, build, fight, die, simple as that! You would get to explore a new world of battlefield with this game where you can learn a variety of survival techniques which can help you in your real life as well. This game is not just a game but it makes you learn a lot of lessons as well.

In a new survival environment you will encounter creatures like boar, elephant, lions, hippos, crocs, rhinos, and tons of other sea life. The gameplay offers real life images from the satellite which looks absolutely stunning and real. You can interact with other animals and can explore the entire ocean as a part of its gameplay. You have to protect your valuable resources so you can survive in all the conditions. You can craft your own weapons and other things which you might have never done before in any other games. The game offers truly survival experience to explore something new out of your life.

3. Subterrain

Subterrain is a popular action adventure survival game available for various PC systems. The game is all about the story of Dr. West. Dr. West has found himself stranded into a whole new underground city of mars. The game has your favourite characters, Zombies and you have to hunt them down by showing off your skills. Make sure you escape from this environment before it’s too late. Learn how you can escape and survive from the attacks of Zombies.

This is not just done, the gameplay is pretty interesting where you can explore a whole new Sci-fi environment. You can even craft various weapons with different powers to shoot down the Zombies. While exploring the world, you have to face and kill the mutants. The gameplay generates different levels to explore more with the game with new environments and more. Storyline gameplay, interactive characters, cool weapons, different survival techniques and much more are there to get the best of gameplay within your system.

4. Day Z

Day Z is a multi function action survival game with an exciting gameplay which you might have never played before. Basically, it is a multiplayer game which is designed to play with the real world players from around the world. The game is horror based survival game with first person and third person shooting gameplay. The game is designed with rich graphics to offers a realistic survival environment.

The game starts from the fictitious world of Chernarus City, Russia. The city’s half people converted into the Zombies. You are the one who have survived and your duty is to provide basic medical treatments, foods and other much needed things to the people who are suffering. Kill down those zombies and other mutunt creatures to save the other half people of the city. You have to keep on searching for medicines and other food to survive. You have to keep yourself safe from infections, the goal is to survive as more as you can. The gameplay offers a variety of things to use in order to survive from infections and attacks by Zombies. You can make use of different tools to defend yourself from attacks. It’s an exciting game which is designed for the real gamers out there.

5. Rust

Rust is a multiplayer horror survival game with full of action and adventure throughout the time. The game was published by Facepunch Studios recently and it is currently in its Alpha phase. The game teaches you a lot of things as you are embarking a whole new journey in a complete weird environment which is not friendly anymore. You have to explore yourself alone and survive by crafting out various things as a part of the gameplay. In order to make the gameplay more interesting, you can interact with other real people from around the world.

Craft out your own weapons and move ahead with the gameplay. Search for food, shelter and medicines to survive. Go through different weather conditions to test out your skills and kill down the deadliest creatures to survive in the game. You will discover a variety of things while exploring various locations within the game which adds up more fun to your gaming time.

6. Dead Island

Dead Island is another Action adventure game with survival gameplay. This is by far one of the most exciting RPG available in the market. The gameplay offers a dozen of crafting elements which you have to design according to your use. Survival story offers hundreds of amazing cool things to explore within the game. The Survival game takes you to an unknown Island full of weird creatures all around. Basically the Island is zombie-infested open world where you have to kill down those creatures to survive. You are completely unaware about the weather and other conditions of your area and here’s the actual gameplay starts. You have to survive here by making some strategies.

You just have to kill down the enemies whom you find as attackers to survive. To help you defend, you have to craft various weapons and other things within the game. The gameplay is indeed one of the most exciting Survival game for you with rich visual effects and many other weird locations to explore on your system.

7. The Long Dark

The Long Dark is a popular Action-Adventure game designed for the real action gamers out there. The gameplay is designed with Sandbox-Style to exploring a complete unknown world where you have to survive yourself. The world around you devastated by some geometric movements and surroundings around you start changing itself and hence it takes you to a frozen world where surviving for your life is a crucial thing you need to do.

The game teaches you a lot of things on how you can survive and explore the world around you. With the available materials and things, you have to create and craft different things which are much needed to survive in such cold weather conditions. There are plenty of animals and creatures are looking for humans and foods, so you have to survive yourself from unknown attacks made by such wild animals. All in one, it’s an exciting game designed for everyone who loves to play such exciting games. It serves rich graphical interface to explore a real world around you.

 8. Darkout

Darkout serves kind of unique Action adventure gameplay designed for the real world players. The game offers a gameplay like Sandbox and allowing its users to craft weapons, build up shelters and search out for new technologies around. It serves an eye catchy graphical interface which looks absolutely stunning throughout the gameplay. In the game, you can explore expansive randomly generated world or locations with different environments.

In the game, you have to fight against the shadow enemies which are sensitive to light. You can make your own strategies to survive and to come out from various conditions in the gameplay and in the different worlds. Mining, gathering and looting are all there to make the gameplay more exciting. You can use thousands of devices, materials, weapons and more to explore more from the gameplay. It’s basically a game which is not designed only for the gamers, if you are keen to explore more by crafting and building various things, this game serves kind of a user friendly environment to those. A must play game if you are having some free time to explore a new world of gaming.

9. Dead Frontier

Dead Frontier is old age Action Adventure game having a massive fan following around the world. The number of its users are in millions who are playing this game for a long time. The game is developed and published by Creaky Corpse Ltd which is one of the best multiplayer online RPG for everyone. To start with the gameplay, you have to register yourself with the game by providing your credentials. You have to create your own Avatar to play the game.

Playing this game online makes it easier for you to interact with the real players from around the world. The more you interact the more you will learn to play it more beautifully. By playing this game, you will be able to explore more environment and face more creatures. You will be facing creepy Zombies which are your enemies, you have to survive from their attacks while travelling different cities. Make use of plenty of weapons to survive and kill those enemies. It’s an exciting game to spend hours of your time with its addictive gameplay.

10. Savage Lands

Savage Lands is an ultimate Open world fantasy game with full of action packed adventure environment throughout the game. The game offers kind of a unique environment to explore with rich graphical interface making it more realistic. There are various landscapes and many other things are there to explore as a part of the gameplay. The game offers a lot of customization to get the best of this game. You can customize characters, lands and much more with this game.

The survival game features a number of creatures which are there to stop you and to kill you down to end the gameplay. You have to survive by fighting against these creatures. You have to defend yourself by using plenty of elements and weapons available around. You can create a large number of weapons and can craft out various things from the elements around you. You can construct your own shelters, lands, villages to survive from unknown attacks. You can play this game with its multiplayer mode to interact and to play it with the real players from around the world.

So folks, these are the best and the most popular games like The War of Mine game. These games are designed for the people who like to play survival games on their respective consoles. You can pick up the best one from the above list and go ahead to start playing it on your respective system once you purchase it from respective resources available on the web.

If you love to play various games, you can even go for the best RPG games to play on your Windows and Mac systems. There are some of the best texting games which you can also try out to play and to spend your time with. If you are using PSP, you can download the best PSP games as well. So all in one, you can just hold on to one single game, as you can have hundreds of different types of games available in the market to change your taste of gaming.

What’s your take on the above list? Which game did you like the most? Is there any games which you like to add in the above list? Do share your thoughts and opinions in front of us. If you have any feedbacks to share, kindly drop them into the comments section given below this post. For more such trendy updates on games, apps, smartphnes and other popular technology news, stay tuned with us and get regular updates.

Top 10 Best Games like The War of Mine
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