Top Online Platforms for Developing Mobile Applications


The number of applications present on Google Play Store, Apple Store and Windows Store are increasing at an exponential rate now days. There is an application available for almost everything you want to do or anything you name. In addition to that, the number of app developers are increasing as well as it is one of the best way to earn money working part time or full time as well.

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If you think that developing an application requires good knowledge in Java or other coding languages and a huge software like Android studio to work upon,  you are definitely unaware of the new online services that allow the user to develop applications via interactive interface as well as almost free of cost. So, if you are among those who wish to develop app for person or business use, here are some of the top online platform for developing Mobile Applications.

Best Online Platforms for Developing Mobile Applications



AppyPie is a simple and one of the best application developing software that you can get online. One could develop Android, Windows, iPhone and app for few other smartphones using AppyPie service. The service is cloud based and does not require any kind of coding for app development. It also offers the users an easy method for publishing the applications on iTunes as well as Google Play Store. The best thing about the service is its easy interface. All the user need to do is to choose the category, design and build the application and then publish.



Appmakr is another similar service allowing the user to develop Android, iOS as well as HTML5 applications without any knowledge of app coding. IT is the second on our list of online platforms for developing mobile applications. However, it offers a lot more categories when compared to other online app developing services. These categories include small business, blog, music, non-profits, publisher etc. Appmakr allows the developer to control the application or applications via dashboard and customize its various components like background, looks as well as functionality. Various navigations as and HTML pages can also be added by the user in any application. After the app is completely finisher, one can even view is in real time before publishing it on App Store.



The third and the final app on our online platforms for developing mobile applications list is Appsbuilder. One can use this online service for making iOS, Android and HTML5 applications. Similar to other online services, you do not require any coding knowledge for app development and the prepared apps can be managed easily. There are a lot of drag and drop tools available which make making app very easy and simple. The user is allowed to create in app content as well as forms too. There are various tools which can be used to promote your published application as well. The cloud system is reliable as well as secure keeping all your app data safe from hackers. Some of the extra features that you get in appsbuilder include currency converter, weather forecast, safe hosting, PDF reader, form generator, route planner, offline content, wall chat etc.

Top Online Platforms for Developing Mobile Applications
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