“Unfortunately google play store has stopped” Error Fix on Android 2016


Android is undoubtedly the most popular Smartphone Platform with a variety of features and functionality. Since it’s an Open Source platform, the people of world get attracted to explore more of it. Since, Android is an easy to use OS, it doesn’t require any technical skills or needs not to be a technical person. Anyone can easily start using an Android smartphone to get many of their tasks done. Android has its own app service named with Google Play Store. You can download and install a world of apps and games within this app which comes a default app on any Android device. Many of Android users get “Unfortunately google play store has stopped” Error while using the Play Store app. If you too are getting the same error on your device, get to know how you can fix this error from here. Keep on reading! 


Google Play Store works with your own personal Email ID. In order to start using Android and its services, you have to enter your Google Email Address along with a proper Password. Once you are done with it, you will be able to explore a whole new world of apps and games within the Play Store. The best part about this service is, it keeps your data synced on other Androids with the same ID. If you use the same Email ID on any other Android device, you can get those app from there. Now, when you get “Unfortunately google play store has stopped” Error, it means your Play Store has been crashed or it doesn’t connect with the Google Server and hence it can’t sync data to your other accounts. There could be a number of reasons behind this error and to fix it, you have to follow some basic instructions and steps which are mentioned below in the tutorial.

The error is simple, and it doesn’t do anything wrong to your device. However it appears every few seconds and hence you’ll get annoyed with this message which appears continuously on your display. There might be a question on your mind, why do I need to sync my data? Well, Android offers auto sync option which keeps your data safe on the Google server. When your phone is lost, you will get everything back on a new one just by sync your device with the given Email ID. It’s pretty amazing and you have to keep everything synced on your current device. To solve the error, kindly follow this steps now!


Note : Since there is no any particular reasons behind this error, we have to check it  and solve it by applying various methods. Here we have enlisted all the ways with which we can solve this error instantly.

“Unfortunately google play store has stopped” Error Fix

Step 1 :

Open Apps menu on your Android and select Settings option.

Step 2 :

Navigate to Apps Manager from the device. Scroll down the page and you should see this option.

Step 3 :

On this page, you’d see all apps and games installed on your device with their respective memory spaces and storage options. Kindly select Google Play’s app from here.

Step 4 :

You could see an option Force Stop on the same page. Select this option.

Step 5 :

Now, again navigate to Settings app and then select Storage & USB option. Then select Google Play Services option.

Step 6 :

Clear Cache from here. Just select Clear Cache option to clear Cache memory of this particular app.

Step 7 :

After this, you have to Reboot your device once.

That’s all you have to do to get rid of  “Unfortunately google play store has stopped” Error on an Android smartphone. This is the most common and working solution to remove and fix this error. It worked for many users. If you still get the same error even after following the above steps, you need to update your current Google Play Store app and Google Play Services app. Follow a few more steps to do so.

Step 1 :

In order to update current Google Play Store app from your device, you need to download its latest APK file. Since Play Store is not working, you will not be able to update it within it. You have to download its latest APK file first. You can get it from the link mentioned below.

Download Google Play Services APK Latest Version 

Step 2 :

Just hit the above link once and you will get an APK file of Google Play Store app. Kindly copy or transfer this file to your Android device. You can use a USB data cable or can connect your device with a Bluetooth connection.

Step 3 :

Now, double click on a new APK file and select Update option when asked. Google Play Store app will start updating itself. It will take a few seconds to completely update the current app.

Step 4 :

Once it’s done, go to your Settings menu and again clear cache of Google Play Store. It’s mandatory to clear cache after updating anything to avoid potential errors.

Step 5 :

Now, launch Google Play Store app again on your device. The error will be resolved and you will no longer see it on your device.

Hope the error is resolved now. If it doesn’t, you need to start your device in a safe mode to check what causing the error. If your device has too much third party apps installed, they might cause the errors.

Press and hold down Power button until you see menu. You’d see Power off box, hold it down and you’ll see Reboot to safe mode option. Select this option and your device will start running on Safe mode. You can now check for the apps which causing this errors.

So folks, this is how you can actually fix “Unfortunately google play store has stopped” Error on Android device. Let us know if this helps. You can even share your suggestions and feedbacks in the comments section given below this post. We’d be happy to receive feedbacks from our users. Stay tuned for more such useful updates in the future.

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“Unfortunately google play store has stopped” Error Fix on Android 2016
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