VPN Unlimited Review 2017 and 94% Discount Coupon


Note: We personally try out the services before reviewing them on HandyBits. We have tested VPN Unlimited ourselves over a course of more than one week and thus, have included everything we have found relating to the service.

There was a time when you needed to be a Tech-Expert to have the perks of a VPN service. We needed to know a lot of things — from dialling the connection to filling in the details, every single time. This was one of the reasons why majority of people had refrained from using these services, even when they knew about privacy issues and security vulnerabilities. However, in the past few years, we have seen the ultimate simplification of VPN Services and different clients for various platforms, be it Microsoft Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and many others, including Wireless routers. Recently, we had done a complete PureVPN Review, one of the prominent names in the world of VPN Tunnelling services. We were pretty much impressed by the features and intuitive UI. Today, we are here with a tool that lets everyone to have all the advantages of VPN services in a few clicks or taps. And, VPN Unlimited is one of the best VPN services you can count on today.

In this article, we are going to have an in-depth review of VPN Unlimited – discussing its various aspects like usability, security, features and a lot more thing that you would be concerned about. Before that, however, we think we can have a short-enough introduction to the working and advantages of VPN Services. After that, we can go ahead and dig into the world of VPN Unlimited as a service. Shall we start with the introduction, then?

A Short Introduction to VPN Services

We are living in the world of digital threats and authority surveillance, even in the so-called free world of Internet. Virtual Private Network services were innovated and popularized as an alternative to all these issues. The working can be told in a few words if you want.

In normal internet connection scenario, your requests are directly sent to the corresponding web server. Suppose you want to visit www.google.com. Then, the request will be sent from your PC/Smartphone/Console to the web servers of Google. When you are in a network, chances are, your requests are monitored by an authority or your ISP. On the other hand, if you are using a public Wi-Fi connection, the information may be visible to other users on the same networks — with the help of some malicious code or tools. When we talk about information, we mean a lot of things: including all your usernames, passwords and whatnot. We hope this chance of getting exposed is something important here.

When you are using a Virtual Private Network service like VPN Unlimited, things are a bit different. The information, first, gets encrypted with Military standards. Then, the encrypted stream of information will be sent to the servers. So, when an authority, ISP or a hacker looks into your traffic, all they see will be an unidentifiable stream of data. And, that’s how you are getting rid of most of the digital threats in the world, from hacking to identity theft.

We hope you are clear about the functioning of a VPN Service. It needs to be noted that VPN Unlimited is no different if compared to the structure. It’s just that VPN Unlimited happens to offer some advanced features and options, with ultra-simpler layer on top.

VPN Unlimited – What is it?

As you would have guessed, VPN Unlimited is a premium Virtual Private Network tunnelling service that is available for an incredible variety of devices and platforms. The included platforms are Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS & Windows Phone. In addition, you will be able to use the product in devices like Apple TV or as an extension in popular web browsers like Google Chrome.


VPN Unlimited comes from a company named KeepSolid Inc, noted for its presence in the worldwide tech community. In addition, if you ask those who are experienced with VPN services, they will definitely recognize VPN Unlimited in the first look itself. That is something impressive if we look from the credibility aspect. At the least, you don’t have to worry about unexpected downtimes or loss of money, once you have purchased the service of VPN Unlimited. In fact, that was one of the reasons why we decided to do the review when we came across such an awesome digital protection service.

Even before we begin, we would like to point out that VPN Unlimited is one of the best VPN Services we have seen, when we look from the simplicity point of view. It’s a fact that you may find many other VPN services that offer innovative and useful features. That having said, we are going to review VPN Unlimited as an ultra-simplified VPN service that solves your different web security requirements and protection.

We think there’s enough introduction about the service. We will now move onto the various aspects of concern.

VPN Unlimited Pricing and Plans


VPN Unlimited, being a premium VPN service, offer various packages. Regardless the package you pick, there’s something you get: multi-device support. That is, it does not matter whether you are paying $10 or $100, you can use the service in all your devices, including Windows PC, macOS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and whatever that is supported. We think that’s an advantage for those who have a lot of devices to take care of. it’s like the single subscription solving all your web security needs in the single click. We will have a quick-look on the pricing plans now.


  • Vacation: This plan is available for just $1.99 and has a validity of 7 Days. It’s useful when you are going for a small vacation but wants to access regional content as though you are accessing it from your own place.
  • Economy: It has a maximum validity of one month and costs you $4.99 per month. It’s like having the service and paying every month. Leaving for some place to spend one month? You can consider this.
  • Standard plan of VPN Unlimited is priced at $3.00 and has a maximum validity of three months. That is, you have the service available for three months and you can pay just $8.99 for whole period. Three months isn’t long for a vacation or an internship. During that time, you can have absolute privacy.
  • Professional is available for just $2.08 per month. In effect, you have to spend a total of $24.99 at the start of one year. And, you can enjoy VPN Unlimited service all along. The plan has a validity of 1 Year and can be used for an extreme variety of needs, like Internet Freedom and Content Un-Blocking.
  • Premium is for those who need VPN Unlimited for a long time-period of 3 Years. In this, monthly charge has been brought down to $1.94, which makes you pay $69.99 just once. You have the same benefits, but for an extended period of time.
  • Infinity package of VPN Unlimited is offering the service until your lifetime, in maximum devices you can pay. You just have to pay $129.99 as a part of some promotional offers. Just pay the mentioned amount and you don’t have to worry about renewals or price-hikes (if any)

Apart from these standalone VPN Unlimited plans, you can have some Suite-based plans too. In these, you are getting not only the VPN Unlimited subscription but also ToDo Checklist app from KeepSolid Inc.

  • Professional Suite is available for just $2.83 per month, offering both service for One Year. Or, you can pay $33.99 in a single time.
  • Premium Suite can be bought for just $1.94 per month or $69.99 once. You can have both services for a period of three years, which is long-enough.

Judging by these packages, VPN Unlimited has one of the most affordable and convenient plans. Particularly, we loved the Vacation plans. Never have we seen such purpose-oriented plans in the VPN Service industry. This is seriously some sort of extra concern when viewed from the productivity point of view. There may be times when you need the service for just a few days. In that case, you can spend less than $2 and have the service running on all your device. And, yes, you should consider the fact that the single subscription of VPN Unlimited serves all your devices. This is another reason why we will love to recommend the service.

By the way, there is an impressive way to save a lot of money if you want to. In fact, you can have up to 90% discount if you Purchase VPN Unlimited via this deal. You will be getting a lifetime package of the same, with no limits whatsoever. That is, you can enjoy this easy-to-use VPN Service without any worries of expiring, as much time as you like.

VPN Unlimited Compatibility and Availability on Different Operating Systems

We gave a few details about the availability of VPN Unlimited. To make things clear, we have created a list of platforms, for which VPN Unlimited Client is available. Let’s have a look at that list.

  • Microsoft Windows App — if your PC is running Windows 8 or later.
  • MacOS App — if you are running macOS 10.10 or later
  • Linux App — available for Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 or Ubuntu 12.04 and later
  • Android App — Android v4.0 or Later
  • IOS App — iOS 7 or later versions for iPhone 5s and later devices.
  • Windows Phone App — Requires Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1
  • Apple TV
  • Browser Extension — available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome


Getting Started with VPN Unlimited

Before we have device-specific review of VPN Unlimited, we will talk about the experience of getting started with service.

We already mentioned that VPN Unlimited is one of the simplest VPN Services we have seen in our life as techies. The simplicity starts from the moment you load the official website of the service from your favourite device. Once you have decided the plan you need, you will be lead to the registration form, where you need to create a KeepSolid account to move on. It needs to be noted that the same account can be used to manage other products from the company, such as the ToDo Checklist app we have talked about recently. Then, you have to complete the payment process and the license will be available in your account. And, you will be able to download the required software from the official website itself. Extension services can also be managed from here. It’s really this easy to get started with the VPN Unlimited service, if not for the entire platform community.


Now, we will move onto the detailed reviews and experience we had with VPN Unlimited for Windows, Mac and Android devices.

Using on Our Devices — A Hands-On VPN Unlimited Review

We have used the service on almost all the compatible devices. However, here, we are covering our experience we have had with VPN Unlimited for Windows, Mac and Android. We hope that will give you a sure-shot insight to the usability as well as intuitive behaviour of the service.

VPN Unlimited for Windows PCs

As we mentioned, VPN Unlimited for Windows is available for all devices running Windows 8 or later. We had downloaded and tried the standalone version from the official website of VPN Unlimited. That having said, if you are concerned about ease and security, you can download the same from Windows Store as well. Either way, you will be receiving the latest version of VPN Unlimited client for PCs. That having said, standalone version of VPN Unlimited offers support for devices running Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or later. Its download size is very low and the installation will be done in a few seconds. We had tried the client in one medium-configuration Windows PC. Even then, the performance was up to the mark from the common user’s point of view.


  • Initiation and Connection

Getting your Windows PC to run VPN Unlimited is an easy task. After the installation, you can launch the software, upon which you will be asked to enter the account credentials. These credentials are same as the KeepSolid account you would have got during the product purchase and registration. In one second, you will be up and running with the product. And, before you log in, you may see a short, interactive introduction to VPN Services and how they are useful for your security needs. Once you have logged in, the Dashboard will be visible. We must say, the entire process of connecting to the VPN Unlimited is quite an easy job, even when you know nothing about the working or interfaces. And, the best part is that the service is more or less automated. You won’t have to get confused about the VPN protocols or anything else.


Just a few clicks are needed when you want to connect your computer to VPN Unlimited Servers. From the interface, you can see the list of available servers, in different locations. Just click on one location and the PC client will establish server connection. Depending on your network conditions, it may take up to 10 or 20 seconds. Even in the worst data network connections we had, the process was done in a few seconds. You will be notified via Windows Notifications once the VPN connection has been established in the right manner. It means you can start using web as if you are browsing from selected location. If you had selected United Kingdom as the location, you will be able to enjoy all the exclusive content.


  • Notable Features

To be frank, there aren’t many features in the VPN Unlimited client for Windows. If you look at the UI of client, you can see a minimal dashboard. We will have a quick look on the notable features of the client now.

  • KeepSolid Wise — It’s a feature to be used when you need ultimate protection for what you browse and what you see. When enabled, all your traffic will be done through TCP 443 Port. You may face some serious downsides on performances. When you think safety is important than speed, enable this option.


  • Stop DNS Leak — This feature is useful protecting your web world and data from DNS-based errors. If you enable the service, all the resolving requests will be sent to VPN Unlimited Servers only.
  • Repair Connection — It may seem to be a silly feature, but was quite useful in our experience. It was able to detect the several issues in the VPN connection and get the path smooth.

Apart from these features, you can set up a few options too. For instance, you can set a password to the VPN Unlimited PC client. This will prevent others from using your VPN service. There are also options for finding usage statistics and for starting the service on PC start-up.


Taking into account all these features, plus the ultra-simple User Interface, VPN Unlimited is one of the easiest-to-use clients for Windows PCs. it should be mentioned, however, that the client was lagging a bit in some conditions. Apart from that, we had no trouble. That having said, if you need ultra-high customization — such as the selection of appropriate protocol for VPN connection or something else —, we won’t recommend the client. Looking from any aspect, it’s the simplest — and that’s how far it goes.

VPN Unlimited for Mac OS

As a part of the review, we had installed VPN Unlimited on a MacBook Air, running macOS Sierra. If you have a Mac device running macOS 10.10 and later, you can download the App-Store version or Standalone version. In both versions, you will have to follow the same steps for setting up the service and using it all the way. Here too, we will have a look at how it’s like to use the VPN Unlimited service.


  • Initiation and Connection

Once you have installed VPN Unlimited for macOS, you can launch the program from Launchpad or your folders. While it is running, an icon will be present in the notification bar, providing basic features. Coming back to the dashboard, there is no big deal about features or organization. In fact, you cannot find any differences between Windows and macOS clients by looking at the dashboard — they are exactly the same. On the sidebar, you can go to sections like Server List, Account details etc. The changes are visible only when you get into Settings.


Connecting VPN Unlimited to a server is an easy thing. You can explore the complete list of servers and choose the right one you need. The connection was done in a few seconds, just as was the case in Windows client of the service. However, one difference we spotted is the better integration with macOS. As we mentioned earlier, the shortcut is available on the notification bar, and that can be used for quickly connecting to the VPN service. The only thing that you can see when you are connected is the real IP and connected IP. In short, it’s pretty much easy to establish and maintain the connection if you are using macOS. You can also make changes without really opening the app.

  • Notable Features

This is where VPN Unlimited for macOS really disappointed us. There are no features worth mentioning in the package, except for the options for automated start-up and Connect on Demand. Also, you can set a password for the application if you don’t want others to use the service. In fact, in the Windows version, we had seen some cool features like DNS Leak Protection and KeepSolid Wise. When coming to the VPN Unlimited for macOS client, there are nothing to be noted.


We think it’s not good, especially from the productivity point of view. When you are on Mac, there is now way to know about the VPN connection, except the name of the server you are connected to. This is yet another disadvantage if you’re looking for ultra-secure web activities like confidential credentials or something. So, this is where macOS client of VPN Unlimited let us down!


Considering all these points, we have a neutral opinion about the VPN Unlimited for macOS client. For one, it doesn’t offer any kind of feature for enhanced security or features. On the other hand, KeepSolid has succeeded in building one of the simplest VPN clients we have ever seen in the world. So, the choice can be based on your purpose, actually. If you are a kind of developer — who loves exploring the unknown parts of Dark Web where you need security —, it won’t be a good thing for your MacBook or iMac. That having said, if you just need to access blocked content from different regions, current set up is somewhat good. At the least, you won’t have trouble in going with this Mac application.

VPN Unlimited for Android

Android OS has an in-built method to connect to the VPN service you have purchased. Apart from that, however, you can use the official VPN Unlimited app for Android. We had tried the application on our Redmi Note 3 device. And, we would like to share the experience with you here. Here are a few choices for download, though. First, you can download the app from Google Play Store, for which you need the support of Google Account. Second, you can download the APK file and install it manually. The third option lets you download and install VPN Unlimited without using the mess of Google Account technicalities. If you have a rooted device with another ROM or features, we recommend going for this. In the review, we had downloaded the package from Google Play Store and had moved on to do the installation.


  • Initiation and Connection

Just like the aforementioned clients, VPN Unlimited for Android also wants you to log into your account and set it up. Once the set-up is done, though, the simplistic interface of VPN Unlimited will welcome you, wholeheartedly. When compared to the other UIs, this one is pretty simple and worth-using from the basic user’s point of view. It does not matter whether you are experienced about or not, the usage will be an easy thing, as long as the basic purpose is concerned. For instance, there are two tabs in the VPN Unlimited for Android interface. In the second tab, you can select the location to which you need to connect the device.


There is no difference in the number of servers you can connect. In our case, we had selected Malaysia and the connection was very quick. One advantage here is that VPN Unlimited lets recommends a few servers depending on your current location. You can also find the Workload and Torrent support with each server that has been listed. This is commendable when you are concerned about a smooth VPN experience. Once you are connected, you can see the updates on the VPN Unlimited Dashboard. In short, connecting your Android phone to VPN Unlimited servers takes only a few taps and seconds. It’s just that you need a well-performing data connection or Wi-Fi to move on.


  • Notable Features

Good thing, Android users. Just like the Windows PC client, VPN Unlimited for Android is offering some advanced features for all users. We will have a glance on those features before we move on to other sections.

  • OpenVPN Support is good way of customization
  • KeepSolid Wise lets you stay more secure, by compromising the speed and performance
  • You can also set up a proxy server using the VPN Unlimited Android app.

These features are something cool for everyone who is concerned about digital security. At the least, you don’t have to be worried about others getting into your browsing world when you have enabled the KeepSolid Wise feature via the app.


In light of all these points, we’d say VPN Unlimited for Android is an awesome way to stay secure while browsing web. Once set up, the details will be visible on the notification area, which lets you know about data connection usage as well as connection duration. It’s to be noted that the Android app has more features than what the macOS client can offer in VPN Unlimited. So, it does not matter whether you want to stream Netflix or want to do something confidential about your company or business — VPN Unlimited for Android is an easy-to-use solution with the basic features covered.

So, these are the experiences we had with official VPN Unlimited clients for Microsoft Windows PC, Android and macOS. If you ask us a combined opinion, we would say the service is satisfactory. While focusing on the User Friendliness, we think the service has missed some worth-including features as well.

Server Availability of VPN Unlimited

Of course, server availability is something important when it comes to a Virtual Private Networking service. It should be able to satisfy all your digital security needs, from basic content unblocking to high-speed torrent downloads. And, let us see what VPN Unlimited is offering in this area.


Spread in more than 50 countries, VPN Unlimited has more than 300 VPN Servers in the world. To be frank, it’s an incredible size of server locations, for that matter. As we said earlier, the service does not allow the user to select desired VPN Protocol. If you are using the service on Android and Windows, the connection will be established via OpenVPN. On the other hand, if you are using macOS or iOS devices, the protocol will be changed to IPSec IKEv1 Protocol too. While the OpenVPN protocol has support for 128 Bit, AES 128 Bit and AES 256 Bit Encryption technologies, you are restricted to AES 128 in the IPSec IKEv1 Protocol that is used in macOS and iOS. So, don’t be surprised if you are facing some issues with iOS or macOS.

That having said, you have an option to use the KeepSolid Wise feature in iOS, Windows and Android. this is a great way of digital protection if you are living in countries like China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Russia, Iran, Syria etc. in these countries, the feature lets you prevent the detection of VPN as well. So, even if the country has an option to throttle VPN-based connection, VPN Unlimited connection will not be affected by it. We consider this something important and worth-noting from the Internet Freedom point of view.

There is something else we loved about the server collection of VPN Unlimited. It does not matter which device you are using; you will be notified about the current server situations before connecting. For instance, if you take the server list, it is possible to find the current workload of the server. Since VPN Unlimited has multiple servers in the same location, you will be able to use a smooth-going server instead of a crowded one. At the same time, you can find out whether the server has support for Torrent Downloads. This is cool if you are using the VPN service for enhanced speed of downloading torrent files via web.

In light of our experience, we would say the server collection and availability of VPN Unlimited are something superb, for both common users and worldwide explorers. We do understand that VPN Unlimited does not allow users to change the VPN protocols as per your wish. Even then, such a huge collection of VPN Servers is good-enough and unparalleled.

Extension Services

It’s a fact that VPN Unlimited is not offering much customization in the point of security. That having said, there are a few extension services you can purchase for better security and results. We will have a look on them now.

  • Personal VPN Server

This is useful when you don’t need any compromise in the area of VPN connection of performance. You will be able to get a personal VPN Server, which is solely for you. There is no one to use the resources or to share the browsing speed. Indeed, you will have to pay a bit more for having this feature. Also, it’s necessary to select a particular location. For instance, if you are someone who loves to watch content that is available only for US, you can get a VPN Unlimited Personal Server that is stored in the United States. You can always connect to that particular server and avail all the features and speed.


  • Personal Static IP

You won’t need this if you use VPN Unlimited on a random basis. However, when you need your own remote identity on the web, we recommend going for the dedicated IP package. This way, all the connections will be made from a particular IP address. If you are using the VPN service for accessing remotely stored content in enterprise or servers or something, you will find this feature to be quite useful. In addition, there are some websites that block requests from unidentifiable IP address. By purchasing a static IP address from VPN Unlimited, you can solve this issue in an effective manner.

Both these features are premium. That having said, when you are concerned about the total convenience and speed, you should not think twice before choosing these. Obviously, you can count on the infrastructure of VPN Unlimited.

Performance & Speed of VPN Unlimited Connections

Indeed, you will be concerned about the impact of VPN Unlimited on your browsing and download speed. And, let’s share what we have to show regarding the usage of VPN Unlimited, without the KeepSolid Wise feature enabled.

There wasn’t a big difference in the download and upload speeds while we were using VPN Unlimited. In fact, the service is able to retain 95% of download speed and around 82% of upload speeds. We are not able to show the results, due to the unstable condition of our internet connection. While our connection stable, the VPN Unlimited Client was able to serve the best speeds. We had tried connecting to some VoIP services and Online Gaming services. Everywhere, speed was an assured factor, if not for the stability. Coming to the stability of clients, the connections were not interrupted even after a long time. This is an advantage for those who live the VPN-life online.

Altogether, we are pretty impressed by the speed and performance of VPN Unlimited connections. We don’t get 100% of speed retention, but the moderate amount of speed is more than satisfactory. At the least, this is what you can expect from such an affordable and easy-to-use VPN Client in the market.

A Take on Security and Privacy

VPN Unlimited is one of the trusted VPN services in the world. To get you an assurance, however, we took a look at Privacy Policy of the service. Let’s see what’s down there.

According to the Privacy Policy, VPN Unlimited does not store any kinds of your traffic logs. That having said, the servers will have information regarding the data consumption size. That is, KeepSolid can know if a person has spent 1GB or 1MB. It’s a fact that the Privacy Policy of the service looks a bit vague. That having said, when we asked to people who have been using it, there is nothing much to worry about. One problem here is that KeepSolid Inc is based in the United States and data sharing laws should be concerned before you choose.

Summing up, we think VPN Unlimited is offering the standard forms of privacy and security. We think that’s good-enough to go.

Consumer Support in VPN Unlimited

There are different ways to contact the VPN Unlimited Support Team, for dealing with your issues and queries. Both these ways are quite effective in the long run, which is a good point. The replies were specific, purpose-oriented and on-time. It is good to go in that perspective. In addition to these, VPN Unlimited is offering a wide-enough Knowledge Base. We were able to find step-by-step tutorial for almost all the queries in the KB collection. We believe that’s good enough to deal with most troubles in VPN Unlimited scenario.


The same is there when it comes to account management. Once it has been created, it can be used to manage different products you have purchased from KeepSolid Inc. You can extend the availability or make changes to the existing package. In addition, there are options for purchasing extension features like Dedicated Servers and Dedicated IPs. Altogether, we had a good experience with the Customer Support and Account Management via VPN Unlimited.

Conclusion – Our Final Take on VPN Unlimited + a 94% Discount Coupon

In light of our experience, VPN Unlimited is one of the simplest VPN Services we have ever come across. At the same time, the service has made serious compromises to the aspect of security and customization. For instance, there is no option to select the VPN protocol according to the purpose. Another thing we noted is that most of VPN Unlimited servers do not offer support for torrent downloading.

If you just need to stream blocked content and have a virtual identity, VPN Unlimited will be a viable solution. That having said, it entirely fails to create the ‘AWESOME’ feeling among us, the reviewers. We DO RECOMMEND VPN Unlimited if you are totally new into the world of VPN Tunnelling and related stuff. That having said, if you are looking for advanced set of features in the digital world of web, we doubt VPN Unlimited is good-enough. So if you are an advanced VPN user looking for a fast and reliable service, we’d wholeheartedly recommend PureVPN, which is one of the best VPN services we have tried so far.


In the end, we hope you can make the selection according to your need. Practically speaking, VPN Unlimited is not the cup of tea when you are concerned about advanced safety and customization features. Many standard features — like auto-shut-down upon VPN disconnection — were also not found in VPN Unlimited service. Chances are high that some of you need such features like Protocol Selection or Internet-Kill Switch. In that case, we would recommend PureVPN, which has all the options you’re looking for. We had also done a detailed and hands on PureVPN Review in the past on HandyBits, going deep with what the service has to offer, the pros and cons; and many more aspects. And, guess what, we also have a lightning deal for you if you decide to go for that service. Check out our exclusive PureVPN Discount deals if you want the service with a discount of up to 90%. With that been mentioned, I’d like to conclude this VPN Unlimited review. Subscribe to our blog for more such in-depth reviews on different software and tech services. Thanks for reading! 🙂

VPN Unlimited Review 2017 and 94% Discount Coupon
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