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vRoot is world’s most popular Android Rooting tool available on the technology market. The tool has millions of downloads as it serves the simplest user interface which can be used by even a non-technical person to get a rooted Android device. Since, Android is world’s most popular smartphone platform, people do love to enhance its functionality by using various tweaks and tricks. Well, you can do so by rooting your Android device easily. vRoot APK Download for Android from here to instantly make your Android a rooted one. The tool is also known as one click root application. More details are as follows!

vRoot APK

Being an open source platform, Android has a variety of devices. Apart from the devices, this place is quite familiar for all the developers as well. Developers can easily get started with Android developing by following a few simple tutorials. If you too are from developing side, you can test out various things on the Platform easily. You can even start selling your own apps and other works on the Play Store. Just buy your personal account and start publishing your work right on the Play Store. It’s pretty easy and works great for newbies who have just started Android developing.

Unlike the original devices, a rooted Android offers much more functionality. You can make the most of your Android by rooting an Android with a proper tool and vRoot is the best one for it. Android rooting is not as easy as it sounds, you have to do it perfectly otherwise your device will not be able to work properly. If you are far away from the technology, you should not try attempting Rooting process on your Android. Kindly take proper help from the technical person or keep one besides you while performing the rooting process on your Android.

Furthermore, vRoot application allows you to Root almost all types of latest Android devices in a moment. You don’t need to pay anything in order to get a rooted Android device. There is a reason why vRoot is loved by millions of people. One Click Rooting is the main feature of this tool. Yes, you don’t have to do anything, just install this app and tap the Root button and your Android will be rooted in no time. It works wonderfully on all the latest Android devices.

Android Rooting was initially available in Chinese language with the vRoot tool which is now available in English for the entire World. vRoot tool has been upgraded with a latest version with all bugs fixed. A previous version had a number of bugs which is why we have an upgraded version of the tool. Android vRoot is still compatible with Windows system and it is not working for Mac OS. If you are using a Mac system to root the device, this vRoot tool will not be working on it as it is only designed for the Windows users.

Just like all the important tools and other popular games, vRoot also has a number of useful features. We have compiled a list of features of the vRoot app. Just follow the list to know more about this tool.

Features of vRoot for Android

  • Supports unlimited third party apps and games without additional permissions
  • Speeds up the performances of other apps and games including the device’s speed
  • Offers a powerful data backup facility
  • Gets a latest updates on Android OS
  • Prevents unwanted ads which annoys you the most
  • Offers Free Wi-Fi hotspot facility to connect your Android with other Wi-Fi connections around you
  • Flash custom Kernel easily and works perfectly
  • User can test different custom Kernel compatible with the current Android device easily

These were all the useful features available in this useful tool, vRoot. You might have got enough of this tool. Now, you can install the tool to your Android easily by downloading its upgraded APK file which is given below. Just hit the below given Download button and get an APK file of vRoot app.

Before moving to download vRoot APK file, you should be aware about the compatible versions of the Android. Following is the list of all compatible Android OSs on which you can use this vRoot tool.

Compatible Android OS for vRoot app

  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  •  Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • Android Kitkat

Make sure your current Android is compatible with the above given list. Once you are sure about the current OS, just download vRoot APK file from the following Download button now!

vRoot APK Download for Android


In order to download vRoot APK file, you just need to hit the above Download button once. Downloading process of vRoot app will take place itself. Soon, you will get a latest APK file of vRoot app downloaded to your desktop.

Once you get an APK file of the app, you can install it on a respective device to start rooting process. Following are some basic requirements which need to be fulfilled first in order to use this tool.

Prerequisites for vRoot application

  • Make sure your system has all USB drivers installed of the current Android device
  • Remove security patterns from the device
  • Make sure your Android is charged enough to handle the entire process
  • A proper USB data cable

These much things are required in order to use vRoot tool on a Windows PC. If you are okay with the above requirements, you can now start rooting process by connecting your device to the PC. You have to use a proper USB data cable to do so. Before performing any such rooting operation, you need to take proper backup of your Android so that you can restore everything back to the device when something is wrong with the recent operation. Once the device is connected properly, you’ll see a Root button. Just click the Root button once and wait for a few seconds. Your Android device will Reboot itself and you will get a Rooted Android device in a couple of minutes.

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vRoot APK Download for Android – One Click Root Application
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