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Being World’s most popular smartphone platform, Android offers a whole new environment to be explored within your smartphone. Yes, you can get any of your favourite apps and games in just a few clicks. Play Store has millions of different types of apps and games for different kinds of people and their needs. Most of you Android users might not aware about a different market store from which you can download and install apps and games for your Android. vShare Market App Download for your Android to install new third party apps and games for your Android. Get to know more about this app and learn how you can install it on a respective Android device from here. Keep on reading! 

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Everyone knows that Android is an open source platform where anyone can easily start building their own apps and games and can unleash them to the World’s people by placing them to such market places. Android’s official market place Play Store is indeed the best one and millions of people are using it to download and install the much needed apps and games for their respective Androids. You can even purchase apps and games as well. There’s a whole new market of apps and games to be explored. However, vShare has its own criteria where you can get third party apps and games for free.

vShare is simple yet an impressive Android market app where you can get thousands of third party apps and games for your Android. Fortunately, the app has its own in-build download manager where you can see the download history of the selected apps and games. You can even see the progress of downloading while exploring various things. The app gives you a direct APK files and you can easily install them to your Android by clicking on it once. It’s pretty easy and works smartly on any Android devices. Before we move further, let’s see some of the very useful features of this app so that we can know more about its process. Here’s the list!

Features of vShare Market App for Android

  • Simple and easy to explore market place
  • Free to download app compatible with all types of Android smartphones and tablets
  • Get a huge list of third party apps and games including the official ones as well
  • Serves a user friendly environment for everyone
  • Search for your desire apps or games by tapping on the search option
  • User can even see the progress of Downloading the apps and games in Download manager
  • In-built download manager keeps history of recently downloaded apps
  • The app gives direct APK files to that you can even share it to your friends for free
  • Updates regularly with tons of new apps
  • Download Wallpaper, Apps, Games and much more within one single app

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These were all the extraordinary features available inside this alternative market app, vShare. The application has millions of downloads as it’s not just available for Android, it’s available even for iOS devices as well. You can download vShare Market App for free for a respective Android or iOS devices from its official download page. Following guidelines will tell you more about installing and start using this app on an Android device. Kindly follow below given steps to start using vShare Market app on an Android device. Here’s the tutorial!

vShare Market App Download – Latest Version


In order to download vShare Market App for your Android smartphone, all you have to do is just follow above download button once. You could see that the downloading process has already begun. It will take a few minutes to complete the process, wait for a while until the process gets done. Soon, you will get the APK file of vShare Market app downloaded to your device or desktop. Once you get an APK file of vShare Market App, make sure to follow below steps so that you can install it on your device right away!

How to Install vShare Market App on an Android Smartphone?

Step 1 :

Once you hit the above Download button on an Android smartphone, you’ll be taken to an official download page of vShare Market app. Just click the Download button, downloading process will take place and you will get an APK file of vShare Market App.

Note : If you have downloaded this APK file to your desktop, you have to transfer it to your Android smartphone first. You can use a proper USB data cable or can connect your device with Bluetooth.

Step 2 :

Scroll down notification panel, you can see the downloaded APK file of vShare Market App here. You can see search for this APK file from the File Manager app of your Android. Just go to your Apps Menu, select File Manager app, Tap Search button and search for the APK file of vShare Market App.

vShare Market App Download 4

Step 3 :

Once you get the file, tap it out to start installing it on a respective Android device. You’ll be asked to fulfil some basic instructions first.

vShare Market App Download 5

Step 4 :

Hit the Install button to start the installation process.

vShare Market App Download 6

Step 5 :

You could see that the installation process of vShare Market app has begun. Wait for a few seconds and then you’ll get a Successful message about the process.

vShare Market App Download 7

Step 6 :

Click Open button to launch vShare Market App to your Android smartphone. You can even launch the app from the Apps Menu of your device. Go to your Apps Menu, you could see an icon of vShare Market right there, tap it out to get it launched.

vShare Market App Download 8

Step 7 :

On the homepage, you could see various updated and popular apps and games compatible with your Android. Just click the down arrow button to download the selected app. You could see the progress of your selected apps and games in the Download Manager of vShare Market App which comes as an in-built feature to this app.

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What’s your take on this folks? Have you ever used this market app before? Do share your views and opinions in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything to ask, just drop us in the comments given below this post. We’d definitely give you a proper solution regarding your queries and questions. Stay tuned for more such useful updates!

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vShare Market App Download – Latest Version
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