What Does WiFi Stand for? WiFi Full Form


Are you working on PC? Do you like to use PC regularly? Well, we know your answer is somewhere near Yes. Starting from small firms to big companies, banks to hospitals computers are everywhere. Since technology offers a great inventions, Computers have become an essential thing of an individual’s life. Since Computers are everywhere, everyone should learn how to use it. Computers are nothing without the connectivity of Internet. Internet allows you to surf world wide web with which you can explore an entire world sitting in your drawing room or anywhere. Do you know you can use Internet without having to be connected with a Wire? Have you ever heard a word “WiFi”? Don’t you know the actual meaning of it or full form of it? Well, all of your questions will be answered here! Keep on reading! 


What Does WiFi Stand for? WiFi Full Form

WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity Wireless Internet. Yes, this is the actual Full form of this term.

WiFi allows you to connect your Laptop, Smartphone and many devices with the Internet. Surprising thing is you don’t need to make any wired connection in order to use the web. Just go to the Wireless network’s option and connect your device with nearby connection, start exploring the web right away!

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What Does WiFi Stand for? WiFi Full Form
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